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@monkeyking1969: You, Monkey King, don't like the King Kong-esque style of the new t-shirt?! Jk, everyone is entitled to their own opinion! :)

No, I really don't like GBEast. A lot people brainstormed a lot of VERY NICE designs, logos, and tags for Giant Bomb East a few months ago. They were really nice and we were all offering them for free because we loved GB, so to see that is disappointing.

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See if it had a normal PC connection (USB 2.0 or 3.0, or serial port) and it worked on a PC it would be worth it. The sensors are useful for all sorts of projects from 3D scanning, robot vision, etc. But with the proprietary Xbox One connector it is practically useless.

I think the price is fine, but that damn proprietary connector still being on it is a big middle finger to the DIY community. (And, yes, I think it is a intentional middle finger to not provide a $1 dongle to just make it USB complainant.)

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I think people have it backwards in their heads...what else is new.

If a game comes out and the publisher does not send it, many sites buy it for review - how is that different than a Kickstarter? The current system where games are sent to game reviewers seems like far more questionable if looked at from the outside wiuthout context. Yet, that is in-fact how the review process works and likely should work. Movie reviewers get free pre-screenings, Road & Track does not buy that Corvette to review, and game critics do not have to buy games unless they are really low tier.

Paying for a KS is pretty much like buying a game for review. And, certainly its no some sort of deep dark secrete hole where bad things are happening. The way things should work and how the mostly do is that how the game was received should be a blurb: Publisher sent review copy; Purchased on release day by this site; or Purchased via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc

Most of the big game sites are fairly transparent despite what people think with these off-the-wall fits of rage. I think GB is especially transparent about how they obtain things that occur outside of they normal channel. Jeff and everyone else seem very cognizant that transparency is the goal and that it is the standard they try to uphold. In fact I like how when things given by publishers show up at GB Jeff says, "Wow this is super dumb..." most of the time. Really, you have to hand it to GB in that some of the stuff they get is shown being given on camera...but because it is from John Vignocchi or Dave Lang they make fun of it.

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I like the stuff above a lot better than the official name and a mile I like the above better.

Do they really have to call it GBEast /G-beast? I'm sorry, but I don't like the 'beast' moniker or the logo at all. That is totally the wrong way to go. It should be GB East, GBE for short and mostly referred to as Giant Bomb East.

I don't want to hear all the "beast" crap at all - the official teeshirt just makes me sad. When I heard their was teeshirt I was all ready to buy one... until I saw it said GBEast with the logo climbing the Empire State building.

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I have a soft spot for shlock games, games in bad taste and other questionable games. Thus I was really looking forward to This is Vegas coming out. I though it would be bad, but I was hoping it would be more funny bad than offensive bad.

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First of all you cannot lump everyone who works for a site, magazine, etc - a journalist. Nor should you because the job at a video game site is three areas: criticism, editorial/opinion, and lastly news...with just a tiny smattering of story creation or investigative journalism as the last 1%

So video game writing is 99% of the following criticism (review/preview), opinion (editorial), and a small amount of news reporting. Anyone saying, "I don't want opinion, I don't want stories about society, I don't want opinion pieces on big topics like sexism, racism, classism, or basically all social-studie-isms" is in the wrong place. Criticism is the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of artistic work. And to discuss those merits the analysis of other games, pop culture, and the broader socila culture in context are needed.

If you are not here (or any other game site, magazine or vlogg) for the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of artistic work and or how that art fits into the larger culture - than save some time by leaving. Or, stay and listen to social critism. Your choice.

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Eight inches is actually A LOT bigger than everyone else's....

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Why didn’t Microsoft, Square Enix or Crystal Dynamics say upfront it was a timed exclusive? Why all the indirect language?

We certainly didn’t intend to cause any confusion with the announcement. The Microsoft Gamescom stage was a great place to make the initial announcement, but not necessarily to go into details.

I really don't see why they need to lie at this point? Of course, they wanted to have people think that game was theirs and or people to think that for as long as possible...duh. But why in the heck did they think that would fly without reaction that wasn't all positive?

How inside your own head do you have to be to think, "People will think XBox One is awesome when they hear 'this' news....and they will thinking NOTHING else...of course they will just be impressed with us, right?" They were so focused on their own victory that they didn't even consider this was a game that had already been announced and thus this announcement needed to be handled delicately from the perspective of the gamer.

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I'll admit it. I thought MS was going to be fine. Oh, make no mistake I thought what they originally panned was a DISASTER. I'm convinced they thought their dominance of the North American market made them feel like they could shove and twisted the knife any way the wanted and we would have accepted it. Thus I was disgusted by their unveiling in 2013 and was heartened that people didn't just accept it.

YET, I really thought MS was going to be fine and people would buy the system anyway. I thought the millions of XBox 360 owners would toe-the-line eventually, and they woudl do this because MS was so quick to back away form their mistakes. I thought the faithful customers would have been satisfied and that MS would only lag slightly in North American and only lack slightly in Europe.

Make no mistake, I am still not convinced I need an Xbox One. (I just don't see any games I want.) But, I'm a little surprised that the brand they build was damaged so quickly to the point where their sales are lagging very far behind Sony's. MS had what amounted to 10 million more customers in North America than Sony did last generation (or so it appeared), I figured those people would be loyal even if it was not in their best interest and even if MS has an inferior product.

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sunset overdrive got me

The game does look cool. That is one 'get' I have to applaude MS for securing.