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Four year old laptop is old. An SSD is good, but not a miracle worker on computer that might have 12-18 months of useful life. If you can't afford a new device I'd just try to clean off the machine, remove bloat, and defrag drive. Oh, it will still be slow but you can put money towards new machine later.

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Knife people, what's the appeal? As a Scottish person, the sight of non-cooking knives like these sets me on edge (ha hah). Anyway, why? These knives don't serve any purpose do they, or are they a have for the sake of having kind of item? Also, you don't carry them around on your person do you?

What do you means...if course my knife has a purpose.

The blade is for cutting rope. The pointy bit is a 'marlin spike' for tasks such as unlaying (i.e, uraveling woven/twisted cordage) rope for splicing or whipping two ropes together, and/or untying knots. It a must for anyone working with rope or knots...its also good for opening boxes from with the blade. Moreover, when a carton of milk does not fold open correctly, you can use the spike to punch a hole in the carton so you can eat some damn cereal. VERY PRACTICAL!

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Simple. Practical. Sharp.

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Shower curtain goes on the inside IF it's a waterproof curtain. Otherwise, it goes on the outside, and a shower liner goes on the inside. If you are talking about a standard cloth shower curtain, that thing will get absolutely disgusting if you put it on the inside of the shower without a liner.

I've just learnt that there are non-waterproof shower curtains.

Why would anyone want one of those?!!

You have made the classic home decorating blunder of thinking a 'shower curtains' and a 'shower liners' are the same thing. A shower curtain is for decor and hung on the outside of the bathtub/shower. Whereas a shower curtain liner is hung on the inside of the tub/shower to protect the shower curtain.

Some baths have only the liner, often opaque or heavily decorated, as to make seeing the person bathing difficult, are used alone. Some bathrooms use a transparent liner only because those people want to be seen naked if possible by people blundering into the bath unannounced (very saucy folks!!!!). And, other bathrooms use a liner and a curtain to make a more decorative look.

If you want a really 'special' shower curtain go to Cafe Press. There you can get a shower curtain with "somebody elses" wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend naked imprinted on it. Somehow I don't think these folks understand that CafePress keeps your designs on file to sell to other people...

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This is all very good information. I'm not really into action games on my PC, but this is a good tool since I do have a PS4 in my house. Thanks.

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Right then here is the revised build based on your recommendations.

I am pretty locked in on these specs but if anything can spot simple changes that would save me money let me know. For example can I get cheaper components that won't have a significant effect on performance or reliability. For some components I have gone for brands I know which may be more expensive

Nope, since you are going for Core i7 and with a GTX 770 gpu you are pretty much locked into protecting those expensive components with a very good mobo and power supply. And, while you could use the stock Intel Core heat sink if you are not overclocking I woudl protect my investment with a closed loop cooler, so you might as well add $50 to $99 to that budget. With so much going to parts with CPU, GPU, MOBO, PSU, RAM, etc you might as well put it in a nice case.

So no, I would not recommend paying less or getting step down components. And, unless you want to intentionally under-clock that CPU, I would get a cooler to replace the stock one in the box.

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@jasonr86: Speaking of pointless noise, your complaining about people complaining isn't adding a ton to the site.

If paying customers don't like what they see, this is as good a place as any to speak up, and as long as it's at least reasonably written (IE not "FUCK THIS STUPID FEATURE" with nothing else). I'm far more annoyed by people living out their moderator fantasies than people showing displeasure with a feature on the site. If they don't want site feedback they'd explicitly say so in the rules.

If people want to give feedback, they should at least couch it in pleasant terms and helpful suggestions. Calling content boring, not fun, and unthinking is just rude. Say what you like to see nicely, don't rant about what you dislike and attribute its being there to the staff being unthinking or incompetent.

Toddlers try to get their way with tantrums, but functional adults do it with suggestions in pleasant friendly terms.

Damn necropost, I was tricked into a own damn fault. Can we somehow lock threads after 6 months of inactivity?

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When playing a female character in any given RPG I tend to name her after my girlfriend.

Otherwise, I'll scan my DVD collection until I fall upon something great like Pootie Tang.

How do you guys decide on a name for your characters?

I make mostly female characters, but I really tend to base the names on fitting teh character. If I have a young inexperienced, happy character it might be Brittney, Gwen, or Penny; if I have a have tough 30-ish warrior it might be Cordylia, Lilith, or Gwynllian. Probably some weird sexism on my part thinking of making young women inexperienced in my mind....but, oh well, at least I can admit my fault.

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Giant Bomb has allowed me to gain acceptance during my formative years ,and now I too have a much higher chance of "fitting in" during my awkward mid-40s.

I am convinced a strict regime of Giant Bomb with Jeff's words of wisdom, Drew's doe-like eyes, and Dan's (obvious parody) examples of "not fitting in" have helped me in my day to day life.

Its is NEVER too soon to start a Giant Bomb habit. Its smooth menthal & whisky favor calms my nerves and loosens my bowels.

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You know what...

If Xbxo One talked to you and sounded like a women (Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Kristen Schaal) or a man (Aaron Paul, Jemaine Clement, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Alec Baldwin, Will Arnett, Chris Hemsworth, Morgan Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Aaron Paul BITCH...and we were told that the Kinect had the speech processor doing it we would have all bought Xbox One.

The problem with Kinect is it did very little people needed or wanted. It has no hook...sounding like Scarlett Johansson or Morgan Freeman woudl have been a huge hook if the machine said something interesting with some primitive AI subroutines.

I think I'd want mine to talk like Rhys Darby or Jemaine Clement.