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Everywhere could be the Lang Zone!

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For e3 2016 Giant bomb should send two people and one robot.

This is what Giant Bomb should send to e3 in teh next year. Send this robot with two handlers, the guys at the studio in San Francisco take turns interviewing people on the floor. The camera on the robot takes show floor pictures, and of course it is SUPER newsworthy if Giant Bomb is at the show with a Doubletelepresence robot.

Dear Giant Bomb

I would support a Kick Starter to buy you a telepresence robot to send to shows. It would be fun, yet in some way it would also be sort of logical. You guys should not be at the show with tons of people and equipment, you should be at the show with a robot and two handlers.So, in fact lets think big and do this right so you could really cover a show with a robot. Let's say you need $10,000: two robots, two travel accessory kits, four iPads, and added tools and spare parts for quick repairs. In less than a day, you could raise that sort of money. And, you could use the telepresence robot around the office too. You could use it to have special guests on your video shows.

"...Richard Garriott, Portalarium's CEO & private astronaut, uses the Double almost every day to communicate with his team. From his home in New York, Garriott will call into his Double first thing in the morning and stay logged into his robot throughout the day. "It's so close to being there, that we often forget if for certain meetings if I was present physically or 'tele-robotically'," says Garriott. Executive Producer, Starr Long, believes that Double is the best solution for them. "It would be impossible to do our projects without something like the Double."

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What I didn't like: With SPOILERS

- Contrived Set-Up: A astronaut who was a farmer is now a astrniught again....err no. Laid back father & dedicated family man -who's a nut - becomes instantly gungo-hoe the next moment he leaves his family.

- Supporting Characters are wasted: Why have all these characters if they are not even given their due or story? Why is Cooper’s son Tom, even in the film? Why is he there when that character is given nothing to move the story forward? He could have easily been written out with the family being Copper, his daughter and his father. Most of the crew on the ship and other characters that part of hidden NASA are weakly drawn and dull characters who are there to pull one lever in the plot.

- Coopers Daughter Becomes a Shrew: I really 'felt nothing' for the adult character of Murph. She was rather dull, maybe they wanted her to appear broken as a woman from missing her dad, but she is painful to watch because she is such a broken sulky shrew of a woman.

- Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway) becomes a cliche character: - The ending ties up too fast for the 'gravatas' its should have: - Much like ground hog day I think there needed to be some trial and error with Cooper figuring out why he is in the weird dimension and what to do. In fact I think they should have just taken out the Matt Damon character and storyline. That part goes nowhere and does nothing...and in retrospect it was miscast and just does not work. They should have spend more time in the weird dimension.

At first she seems like a competent woman, but then the story use her like a rag doll. The very second they need to move the plot for Cooper to look good, they make a competent, obviously well educated and well trained astraught character into an emotional driven character who can only think of saving her boyfriend above all else.

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In my universe:

  • Captain: Jeff - Clearly the most sensible of the group
  • Doctor dude: Dan - Self-explanatory.
  • Other doctor dude: Dan's dad.

I forgot Dan's Dad! Yet In my universe it still works to have him there. So I would have Commander Dan Ryckert and his dad fighting Anbo-jitsu in the Holodeck.

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@colony024: Thanks for that advice. I plan to sit down to figure out exactly what sort of "action" or "tasks" the game will be about and how to make those "gamey" in a way that makes the player want to do it. I have something in mind, but I will have to simplify or tweak the gameplay I'm sure.

My plan is to have a design doc with descriptions about how it will work to make ist clear in my mind. Then I plan to make a small version of the game. One character to choose, one simplified version of play, so with that I can test flow of gameplay and mechanisms of play. Once, I figure out how to make it work with limited choices I will expand to the full game with all the choices I want to have: various characters to play, various choices to make, etc.

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@getz said:

@monkeyking1969: Holy shit, who is that handsome devil?!

I don't know...but I want to be that man!

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I feel bad for people losing their jobs. That is just a given, it is rough when people lose their jobs. But for me it not a "oh, what will be lost? Oh what a tragedy for this company to fold" issue. Maxis made it bed when THEY, not EA, ...but they did it.

If SImCity wasn't such a bullocks festival if lies, deceit and more lies the closing of the studio would be at a different level. But Maxis lied:

- "The game HAS to be online or it just won't is baked in".....well, nope, we did in fact lie about that.

- "The cities can't be bigger, it just the way we designed it"....Well, they can be a bit bigger for sure.

- "Oh it hard to change this game because our system is actually simulating people going to work, cars driving virtual residents, and delivery trucks and sanitations trucks doing their simulated rounds"....Well, okay you caught us lying again, some hackers changed the values on those things and PROVED that was a lie because the game was fudging results to look like a simulation without crunching any numbers.

I mean come on!!! That wasn't EA marching out those lies, that was the executives and community managers at Maxis itself. Does that mean a Jr. Art designer deserve to lose his jobs? NOPE! Nobody deserves anything except a slap on the wrist and a 'come on think before you speak and don't lie to us please'. But in the long run a business that was to the point of lying to customers about 'easily discovered processes in games' was damaged on the inside....once it is common and logical to lie to your customers you might as well pack-it-in. For whatever reason Maxis closes there was something wrong in the hierarchy of decision makers at that company. It would have been better to fix it, because it would have been great for the lower level people (who didn't decided to lie) to keep their jobs. Nevertheless, a damaged institution is was fix it or fold it. They folded it for whatever reason, and it is done and that is sad.

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Bethesda is really just not very good at making, maintaining, or improving the engines for their games. They just don't have the technical in-house expertise. All of their games on all platforms suffer the same issues.

But, gamers just keep giving them money and buying broken games, so of course it never changes.