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On my burner system I use AVG and Malwarebytes. I also run the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit from time to time. The best thing to do is run full scans of AVG and Malwarebytes several times in a row when either finds something.

Since it is my burner I also sometime just do factory resets on it once a year and run a drive erase program to perform a "US DoD Seven pass erase"...which is overkill but safer is better then sorrier.

This is a computer I can loose without having to worry because of that...I don't buy anything on it, I don't bank on it, and its just for web browsing or letting family use when they visit.

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The big problem we have is state 'civil commitment' laws can make it difficult or impossible to hospitalize adults involuntarily. Even when their families or caregivers feel threatened and patients appear extremely sick it is nearly impossible to commite someone who does not agree. Most states have crafted their civil commitment laws to protect civil liberties, in reaction to abusive situations in the past (19th & 20th century) where people used 'civil commitment' to do horrible thing to their family members who were merely odd, slightly autistic, or just disagreeable.

We need to recraft our laws because you often find in these shooting cases that family DID contact authorities years, months, or weeks in advance but could do nothing. But here is the will cost billions. There need to be more hospitals, more group homes, more assisted living, more therapists, more psychologists and psychiatrists and more free/low cost care.

On the other hand better mental health care will help EVERYONE! It is worth every penny even if some of those pennies are spent diagnosing, caring for and protecting the most vile people our society can produce.

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I think this is more like it...

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I'm getting it for sure, it looks interesting enough to purchase.

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@minivan said:

I'm not at all surprised those looking to start a family want to leave SF. Shit's expensive.

It can be for sure depending on where Vinny ends up living. Living in NY, NY is more expensive of course, but Queens, Brooklyn or someone else on Long Island will be cheaper for sure.

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[The Future]

The East Coast–West Coast Giant Bomb rivalry was a feud in the 2015s between media and fans of the East Coast GB and West Coast GB scenes in the United States. Focal points of the feud were West Coast-based personality The Notorious Big Jeffery (and his San Franciso -based team) and East Coast-based Video editor Vinny "Two Pens" Caravella. (and his New York-based team), both of whom were smeared by whispers of both having pulled an 'epic mickey' by an unknown assailant (Dave Lang?) based in Chicago.

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"Robots will take over the world. They will have lasers."
Jacob Eiseman, 9
Penn Valley

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@thehbk said:

Jeff is so fucking cool. I wish he was a chick so we could get married.

Just invite Jeff to one of 17 states where you can marry him even if he isn't a girl....if you get his consent. My guess is Jeff would be shy, so ask on one knee...and trying bringing some energy drinks, meat sandwiches or burritos...if you know how to use a Degaussing Coil on an broken arcade monitor that would help too.

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In five years...Valve will be fighting Sony and MS on the game downloading front...and losing. Not saying they get creamed, but Sony and MS will be gaining customers while Valve is losing.

Why do you say this? All three are for different machines, so I don't exactly see how this is comparable.

No really. On the hardware side, a PC and consoles are the same. They are the same hardware, they can run the same instruction sets and the difference is one is screwed/glued/bolted together and one isn't. Look up any hardware comprison chart of proposed Steamboxs and current consoles...same types of parts that anyone 'willing to' flash the bios/firmware could make run each others OS with some tinkering. That hardware has has never been so similar because we have reached a point where they are THE SAME chips that can run the same instruction sets.

But that is besides the point entirely...this is not about hardware or software but about the services.

MS and Sony are competing against Valve as they are providing a way for people to download games and playing them...except MS and Sony are doing it with an affordable box with you games written to a closer tolerance to match the hardware.

At this point Steam can boast about 7 million concurrent users (users all on at once), but XBL and PSN are gaining every year as well. Steam is growing, but so are XBL and PSN. All I'm saying is PSN and and XBL will be a problem for Steam is five years. You can like that though or choice.

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That is too soon a time frame for anything to change a lot. You need o look forward 10 years to seen even substantive changes and 15 years to see major changes.

In five years ...some greater % of people will buy all games online, but physical media will still be more that 30% of all sales in North America.

In five years...there will be three major 3D headsets being sold (Oculus VR, Sony, and Samsung)

In fives years...Europe will start kicking out Apple and Microsoft in electronics/computers and giving preference to EU companies. We have had 15 years of lawsuits, fines, and rebukes. The EU will start pushing hard for Netherlands, German, French and UK companies to take over. (In 12 years we might see the first European console.)

In five years...Valve will be fighting Sony and MS on the game downloading front...and losing. Not saying they get creamed, but Sony and MS will be gaining customers while Valve is losing.

In five years...a whole owned, whole employed by native population Chinese game company will have put out a major critically acclaimed video game in N.America and Europe. (There are less than 93,000 English speakers in Japan...there are over 10,000,000 English speakers in China. My guess is China will nail making games for western audiences in a way Japan is finding it harder and harder to do.)

In five years....PS3 will have sold 108 million worldwide, Wii 103 million, and XB360 will have sold 90 million.