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I bought all games, dlc, and expansions in the totalwar universe but can't play fall of the samurai because it is said not able to run on windows 8!developer build but before this expansion the base game and rise of the samurai worked. I look forward to playing it. When windows 8 is supported and until then I have a few distraction to keep me occupied and a few more in the near future.

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I think there was way to much hand holding. The was a part of the game where you could not kill that guy who takes that prothien data on theasa. I would shot him and he takes no damage it was like the game machinics took over and the hand hold dragging you along the rabbit whole began. I reloaded and even cheated and could not kill the guy and what got more frustrating is that you go back up to your ship waiting at the coms to say missin failed. Like some dramatic event beyond your control has just taken place. Which was infact what was happening bioware was taking over your flow, your future, and your effect on the out come. That wasn't even the end content. In the end I had edi and tali then as I ran for the beacon they some how left me to run a cross open ground to go back up to the Normandy and escape through the mass effect relay? That made no sense ? We are on a suicide mission you don't just bail on the savor of your home world tali or gave edi a chance at existing. Hey no return ending I am ok with that but some things don't get to be so senseless on the way there. The journey with broken logic out of character happenings is where I got most frustrated with. As for entitled ending I believe that the A B C D got mixed up. Who is with you? how far did they get ? where did they go? and are they and you alive? These basic ending questions are where bioware failed. But I remain believing the biggest reason is when EA bought bioware and 18month rushed this game out. Yes it looks good, what's with multiplayer, but the multi linear story telling and embellishment was left on the ideas table without proper implementation. Tali home world was good I might add I reloaded to see the full spectrium and wow to tali off a cliff.

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Road Worrier meets Boarder lands .... set in the fall out universe

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Apple and EA are the cute chicks at the end of the block that put out but hate that everyone one goes there..... meaning good looking games you want to play but have too much crap to deal with in order to play with but everyone buys huge amounts and in record volumes.

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I don't buy UBI soft games any more as for the drop in Piracy, easy access and crazy sales make games more accessible through places like steam. EA is coping UBI soft too. I get back from work load up a game (EA products) via PC or Xbox360 and get a message can not connect to server so you cant play the game you bought ...... DRM can be done better but as long as Big Companies push horrible barriers to entry then gamers are going to not buy your shit..... be it game or tag lines about not having an active connection to play the game. Another example is when I bought front lines fuels of war for some reason the Disc read .... error put disc in tray and press enter. apparently the DRM was not set up for windows 7 64bit I bought the game and couldn't play it when I finally get to play I fined the game weak....

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Quick question I trade a friend Company of heroes the CD key is still registered with THQ online service under my THQ account ??? Did I just dup my friend into trading a 12 gb Hard drive space saver.

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Why all the excuse crap just say you want to make your game exclusive to your download service like PS3 exclusive titles and Xbox360 exclusive titles. whats with all this drama if not to gain free marketing for upcoming titles. I hear good things about this game but might not purchase the game if they create barriers to purchase.

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I play alot of Total War Games
Empire Total War 565 Hours
Napolean Total War 120 Hours
Shogun Total War 101 Hours
If any one wants to Add me Via Steam Monkeymantjg Wife and new born willing Ill be down to play

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I like to kill peasants to bad its my own peasants ....LoL 

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I have been a Fan of TotalWar series and it is cool to see it come full circle. The failed ninja cut scenes are the best.  I have been hearing ( well more like reading and watching ) information about 2 players playing one Clan cooperatively which rubs me the right way for once in there attempts to bringing coop campaign to the series coop multiplayer is disappointing.