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If I could get into a relationship I would tell you. Right now I'm trying to get past the part where women are terrified of me and think I'm some kind of disgusting creature they need to kick to death or run away from screaming for they're lives.

So you're in elementary school?

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I agree with you to a point. It is extremely similar to the last one. Even using the same map as the same map as the third one which i thought to be a bit cheap, but also it was just more saints row which is what i was looking for. The super powers were also a neat inclusion.

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TBH I haven't played a video game in a couple of months nor have i listened to the bombcast in a while but i just wanted to come by to pay my respects.

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Lol I know but even during the live stream on GiantBomb they had to unplug it like twice

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I need help (I'll probably have to ship it to Nintendo or something but may as well see if anyone an help) The WiiU froze up which seems to be a common complaint so I unplugged it and plugged it back in thinking "no problem" but now whenever i turn it on theres no video and my gamepad doesn't connect. Anyone got any solutions?

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A WiiU that froze up so I had to unplug it and now whenever I turn it on there's no video and i can't connect the gamepad to the system. Other than that clothes. So I got nothing really. (I wish instead I just asked for a bunch NES game I mean you think after 30 years technology would get more relaible but I guess not)

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I don't really like many of the games that came out this year but I do expect Journey to be #1 or 2 on Brads or Patriks list. As for overall they seemed to all really take to XCOM and Diablo. On a different note I think Dishounored will be #6 or higher on Patriks top 10.

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What's a girl? Well anyways you should just be honest with her (duh) if she takes it harshly than was she really meant to be your friend?

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You people are silly. Skyfall for me.

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I was going to play through this game (eventually) and I was just going through and it spoiled it for me (it is 100 years old so I can't get too angry.) So I was wondering if it was still worth playing even though I know Nicole is dead.