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#1 Posted by MonkeyPulp (35 posts) -

Gamertag : MonkeyPulp

Time Zone: Eastern

Current Games: AC4, Forza, KI, DR3

#2 Posted by MonkeyPulp (35 posts) -
Well, I seemed to have problems pulling a lot of mobs 83-85. I was leveling very fast and actually got server first 85. When I grouped up with my feral friend in twilight highlands he seemed to be having a much easier time then me.
I don't really see how you could pull so many mobs in Twilight Highlands without losing any mana or hp.  I figured going prot would help decrease the damage you take well not really messing with your dps too much. 
I'm not too up to date on the ret changes though since I stopped playing a couple days after I hit 85, nice to see their fixing some problems.
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@fwylo:  You can't play both at the same time, that just wont work. You need to stick with one.
If you play normal and switch to inverted for a while. You will then like inverted more than normal.  The other way around works as well.
Try it yourself. Depending on how much you play you could probably switch in a couple/few days.
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Sorry to sound like a complete elitest, but most of the people that posted in this thread probably are not top level players at this game.
1-80 is a complete joke for any class, 80/82-85 gets hard on healing and melee classes because mobs start hitting very hard and healing starts scaling very poorly.
Unfortunetly ret paladin's are both a healing and melee class (you would have a much easier time as prot).  Not to say that it really matters because it only takes about 12 hours to get from 80-85.
Just dont pick your class based on what is easiest to solo, pick the class you like based on its play style. Seriously, paladins are currently the worst DPS class in pve and pvp @ 85. Look at the top raids and arena teams, nobody uses them.

#5 Posted by MonkeyPulp (35 posts) -

What is with all these people that hate X-play reviews? The show is horrible, but the reviews are fine.

#6 Posted by MonkeyPulp (35 posts) -
I'm on the same boat. I have been spoiled by Burnout Paradise, :P.  The crazy races in that have made Forza races go by so damn slow.
Something tells me that if I had a 500$ racing wheel and peddles, this game would blow my mind. I'm just not willing to dig my pockets that deep.
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@Symphony said:
" @VWGTI said:
" @doe3879 said:
"Have to agree. Is pretty hard to play another MMO if you spent a long period of time with WoW. "
This. Everytime I tried an MMO other than WoW I always ask myself the question.  "Why not just play WoW?"  WoW is the best MMO hands down. There's really no reason to play anything else in my opinion. "
Unless you're looking for something that doesn't look like it's running on a 10-year old engine. Anyone who thinks vanity isn't a big reason for people to play such games is lying to themselves -- it's the main reason most keep playing. Either for new gear that looks badass, new titles to show off, or new achievements to brag about.  The problem I have with WoW is everything looks so ugly and they keep recycling the old armor sets that my character would perpetually look like crap and it strikes me as lazy design on their part -- if they can get away with not designing more unique-looking stuff, why bother? But I actually agree with everything else you said, and I ask myself the same question when trying other MMOs. Aion had great looking gear and characters but fell flat in every other aspect compared to Warcraft. "
I found Aion's graphics to be overhyped. I ran the game on full and it just looked like an up-rezzed Guild Wars to me. Quite honestly looking at WoW on full graphics looks much more appealing then anything I saw in Aion.   
Not to mention everyone in Aion looks like a metro-sexual. I thought there were enough male Blood Elves in WoW, lol.
Could be I just digg the cartoony look more.
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@mhkjtha said:
" @skrutop said:
" 60 fps on a 19" monitor, or 30 fps on a 57" HDTV?  Hmm.... "
maybe you should buy a bigger screen. or you know, just hook up your pc to your tv. :\ "
For real. The question should be.
30fps at 720p, with frames that dip into the single digits
60fps at 1080p, and overall better graphics
#9 Posted by MonkeyPulp (35 posts) -
@Dragoon14:  I don't think you can change it.
#10 Posted by MonkeyPulp (35 posts) -
@MB said:
" I always thought Runescape was just a game for twelve year olds who couldn't convince their parents to pay for their monthly WoW subscription. "
Pretty much. To the people that say 15$ a month is too much. Most people put insane amount of hours into WoW compared to a 60$ retail game.
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