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" Pretty sure Mass Effect One is still buggy to this day, and Mass Effect Two (well, last time I checked - for ME2) is not in a working state at all. "
What are you talking about both those games work great on pc.
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" @sopranosfan said:

" @Skytylz said:

" Someone will figure it out and make a way to save games locally.  They'll enjoy the challenge. "

This.  The Iphone was supposed to be uncrackable and how long did that take?  For everything they do to try and stop pirating it seems the only thing they do is hurt the people/gamers that are doing what they are supposed to do. "
Ubisoft were the ones who tried releasing DRM free games. Which were pirated even worse than before.      1)The customer said they wouldn't buy Ubisoft games because they had Starforce. 2)So Ubisoft replaced it with a lighter SecuROM protection. 3)The customer said they wouldn't buy Ubisoft games because they had SecuROM. 4)So Ubisoft removed the SecuROM and made their PC games DRM free. 5)The customer didn't buy any games. "
Look at the last ubisoft game for pc. 5 machine activation limit with securom.I have no problems with securom but activation limits are bullshit.
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@iam3green said:
" EA is stupid and does it because if u get banned for any reasons then all the games connected to the account can't be played. i also hate making accounts for a game for the same company. a lot of times it makes me enter everything i just entered again. "
How do you get banned?
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join the group
there is always people in the chat room ready to play

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@tomte: Steam does work in japan, its most likely your connection that's blocking you.Steam gets blocked all the time from certain places like schools.You can always try vpn or proxys to get your updates
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@Geno: I just bought total war because of your picture.Shit looks epic and only 10bux this week.
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phenom II gets around the same performace as core 2 quad.A 300$ i7 will destroy that in any benchmark.But your chip is more then enough to do gaming.You are lucky not all of them unlock like that.Its like 50 50 chance.

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I love giantbomb because all these pc quicklooks.

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3 dirty dwarves 
enemy zero

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Dedicated servers are here to stay,if they plan on getting PC sales.Bioshock 2 doesn't need dedicated servers because the multiplayer will be dead by the 2nd week.You will only see Dedicated servers when the multiplayer is the main focus of the game.