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Despite an original setting, a well written story and some interesting gameplay elements, Undying has never earned wide-spread recognition. Horror writer/director Clive Barker, best known as creator of the “Hellraiser” films, was brought in by the developer to consult on the story and characters. The game takes place on the coast of in 1923. The player is cast as Patrick Galloway, a WW1 veteran with a reputation for dealing with the occult. He receives a letter from a friend, the last of five ...

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A (high-speed) change of direction 0

Burnout Paradise is Criterion's 5th Burnout game, and the first built from the ground up for this console generation. It's apparent from the first moment you get behind the wheel, not just from the bump up in graphics, but  also the complete lack of loading screens.It's a major change, which requires an adjustment in how you attack the game. The game's much less arcade-like now, taking the fashionable sandbox approach instead. Events appear on your HUD and world map once you discover them at ind...

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