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We've been nominated for an IGN People's Choice award at this year's Gamescom!

Just being nominated is a huge honor and we'll really need your help if we're to scoop this prestigious accolade.

So, if you think we're worthy, please cast your vote now at

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Hi everyone, m y name's George and I'm the Square Enix CM attached to Murdered: Soul Suspect. Today we released the Gamescom trailer for our upcoming supernatural detective thriller, ...but there's something a little special about it.

We’re challenging you to channel your own inner detective and uncover evidence leading you to the names of two Salem police officers found in the game. In return, you could win a limited-edition Murdered: Soul Suspect branded t-shirt.

For full details on how to enter, simply follow this link: Murdered: Soul Suspect’s Gamescom trailer - use your detective skills for a rare reward!

Good luck, and may the most keen-eyed investigators win!

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Hey everyone, I hope I'm not putting anyone's noses out of joint by positing this here, just figured that as fans of the game there's a good chance you'd want this info.

Since the launch of Sleeping Dogs, we've published a number of exclusive interviews and in-depth articles that take you behind the scenes of Sleeping Dogs. Today, we've published what's probably our last one and it's our biggest (and IMHO best) yet.

I appreciate that many/most of you won't have visited our website before, so I've compiled a round-up of all our special features so that you can find them all easily at your leisure.

I sincerely hope these articles give you greater insight into the inspiration for and people behind Sleeping Dogs. If ever you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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Ha! No, Vinny sadly isn't in any of our challenges... but if you ask him to share his Steam ID, then maybe you can find him and challenge him on his high scores!

As for our sales figures, I'm afraid that I can't divulge that info, but you can find the total player count number on the age gate page page (if you're already logged in, just clear your browser's cache and cookies and go back to

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Just to let you know, we've given the Sleeping Dogs website a significant upgrade. Now you can challenge your friends' in-game or website-specific high scores and earn web badges with our new online community features, see where you rank in the world on our regionalised leaderboards, plus more besides.

For a full list of all the new goodies, follow this link: CHALLENGE THE WORLD AND WIN

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@mrfluke: Hey, yeah that was me who got in contact alright! Who knew a simple Tweet would be so well received! We wanted to wait until the last Quick Look went online before reaching out to The Man so as to respect his journalistic independence. We're in conversation at the moment and I'll pop by here if/when we have something to share :)

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@pudge said:

So is this the last hurrah for Sleeping Dogs DLC right now? I don't see any other announcements anywhere.

It's the last one that's on the current schedule, yes.

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This thread.

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Roll up! Roll up! Get yer Year of The Snake poster right here!


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How would you like to own a Limited Edition Sleeping Dogs poster, signed by Tyler Stout and the game's Dev Team? How would you *also* like to contribute to a worthy cause at the same time? Well, now you can...

This June, four members of the Sleeping Dogs development team are participating in the BC Ride To Conquer Cancer, riding the 320km from Vancouver to Seattle over two days. If they can ship a critically acclaimed open world game, then a mammoth bike ride should be easy, right?

To help the UFG riders towards their fundraising goals, Square Enix London have donated a limited edition, high quality poster print of the stylish box art, signed by the artist, Tyler Stout.

(Currently the poster is only signed by Tyler Stout, but if you want the developers to sign the back or anywhere else, they'd be more than happy to.)

This is your chance to own a fantastic piece of Sleeping Dogs art, and do some good in the process! To get in with a chance, place a bid for it on eBay by following the link below.

Limited Edition Sleeping Dogs Poster, Signed By Tyler Stout and the SD Dev Team: All proceeds to BC Ride To Conquer Cancer