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The blood covenant is completely useless. They basically ruined regular pvp invasions.

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Not testing the game enough? ENOUGH? They didn't fucking test it *once* At any point did they ever think "maybe we should put this into a retail 3DS?"

If they're so incompetent they can't even test a game like they how can they ever be trusted to release anything again?

Atlus just need to self publish in the EU.

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Ghostlight don't deserve to translate or release anything ever again after the botched job they did with Devil Survivor Overclocked for the 3DS.

It came about 2 years later than the US version and it was 100% identical in its translation. The only thing they did was put in game breaking bugs which took them & Nintendo MONTHS to fix and pass through cert.

Atlus need to get an EU publisher so badly it's not even funny.

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Oh god they did it. Valve removed the account restriction. I honestly expected them to just let me rot for 9 weeks.

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Dohoh you bugger!

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It's like people don't read at all! I didn't.

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Yeah I instantly replied to the support ticket when I saw the charge back. It happened right after I got the reply. It takes them a fucking eon to answer any support tickets. It's a joke.

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I learned lots of things! If he'd have grown up in any other country he would have probably not turned out a piece of shit!

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Either they charged back the transaction or it's a fuck up with steams system. When they removed the funds the charge back system restricted my account automatically.

One of those has to be the reason vov