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No Dr. Tracksuit shirt?

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Early access isn't the problem with Steam any more, it's that anyone can get absolute trash published to the store to quickly scam some quick money out of idiot consumers.

See The Slaughtering Grounds which caused a minor incident when the developer had a complete breakdown on youtube.

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Notice how he says "Just Cause 3 is not a free to play game" and not "Just Cause 3 has no micro transactions"

They're putting the WORST kind of IAP into a full priced retail video game. It's absolutely deplorable behaviour and I steadfastly refuse to support this bullshit cash grab.

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MOBAs are the new MMO. Everyone sees how sucessful Dota and LoL is so they try to copy it. But it suffers from the same problem that in the 2 years it takes to make a brand new MOBA nobody is going to give a shit because everyone is already playing dota.

Borderlands MOBA? Who fucking cares

Witcher MOBA? What the fuck are you even doing?

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The black bars look like shit. They don't feel like they add tension to the game. They just feel like they're detracting from the player experience.

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And yet people still praise Phil Fish.

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I don't care about social issues. I just want to read about video games.