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I hope the story mostly revolves around Leon. I'd love another RE4 like game. Doesn't look like that from the trailer, but who knows. I was actually excited to see Ashley back! Never thought I'd say it.

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Game looks great first and foremost. It nailed the comic book look and feel. Also, the shooting and combat are a big step up from the last Darkness. There is still a pretty noticable auto aim with the gun fights, but its still fun to shoot at guys. I got a sick pleasure from seeing the oh-so-colorful blood and gore from the darkness manglings too.

I guess what matters most to me though is the story in the Darkness 2. I won't really know untill I delve more into the game. If its anywhere near as captivating as the original Darkness though, it is going to be a hell of a game.

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Wow, that was really cool. Really liked the one with Greg.

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@TheHBK said:

I forgot I had the TMNT 1989 arcade game on XBLA. Now if they could do Turtles in Time properly and this, I would travel back in time to my childhood days at Chuck E Cheese.

Hell yeah.

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I pretty much agree with the previous posts. Good game that is unfortunately bogged down by padding, control issues and repetitive bosses. What I don't get is how it has received so many perfect scores from game reviewers. Does the Zelda name really bring that much...overlooking of flaws?

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I will say that the main story missions were fun and pretty crazy, but now that I've finished those I don't really have a reason to play anymore. The side missions just aren't that interesting and I quickly ran out of things to do in the city. It was fun while it lasted, but it did not feel like a complete experience.

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Yeah, same thing happened to me right around the 60 hour mark. It was very sudden. I partly blame the lack of challenge for leveled up players (sometimes that is just the nature of the beast). However, 60+ hours is still pretty awesome.