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You are aware that story is from April?

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Yay, now I am Jeff's Maniabuddy! (or what ever the hell the crazy french dudes making this game call it) I look forward to racing against some of your guys times.

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My Maniaplanet name is monkyofdoom

Been playing a lot, I really dig the new way the game handles.

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Well Drake, since you asked.

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@Dylabaloo: Thanks for the suggestions!

@natetodamax: Yeah, if we could figure out some way to do Skype recording or something like that it could be pretty rad. Hit me up in a PM, I don't mind being the question asker while you play games :)

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@Delphye: No disrespect taken, if you guys don't like it that is what I need to hear that way I can improve on it. Glad to hear everything is sound from a technical standpoint though, one less thing to worry about.

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@supermike6: I am gonna chalk that one up to nerves. I have always been kind of a shy person so I usually am a bit reserved but I will try to amp it up a bit for the next one.

@Mr_Skeleton: If I was able to kidnap a GB member it would have already happened and we would be making videos from a small room in an undisclosed location.

Thanks to everyone so far for the feedback, keep it coming. BTW no complaints about the technical parts of the video so far? Is everything looking and sounding okay?

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

Get a friend to do this with you, or kidnap one of the GB stuff and force them to do it with you.

Yeah, right off the bat I knew that not having 2 people would be less interesting. I will try and record one of these next time I have a friend over to see how that goes.

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@Video_Game_King: Yeah actually that was another thing I wanted to ask people, would you guys want to see more Throwback type of games? I can really only do PC footage at the point so I would love to do some of the more crazy indie games or older games. I mostly did Fear 3 because it is newish and would be easy to explain while playing.

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Hey guys, I recently decided to do some Quick Look style videos. Mostly just to get some video making experience (and maybe something to help me get a Whiskey Internship :P ) But I wanted to get some feedback on my first video, it is a look at FEAR 3

I want to know how you guys think it looks, if the audio is too unbalanced at all, if you guys think I should do maybe like an intro (kind of like the GB Video Feature intro) and just any other feedback you guys could lend me would be awesome. Thanks Duders!