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I just like discussing when GB gives this hack air time.

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Not about me

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Is it anywhere near a standard? Did Barnett not lose his fucking ass off with WAR and not ever do anything of substance otherwise? Are you guys assuming an indefensible position "just because".

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Oh don't go ad hominem on me just because you lost. Lose like a man.

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Awe. Giantbomb routinely lambasts shitty developers. This is the only shitty developer they do not lambast. Because he is their friend.
Period. Credibility - 0
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@Turambar said:
" @Mono_Listo:   youserine.jpg while I am mad.jpg
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Let's stop pretending that this cancer has anything of value to contribute to the market and world of gaming. He made an incredibly shitty game, and continues to approach development from a perspective of sales success rather than creativity, when he has demonstrated that he is incapable of making a good game. And as much as he harkens to sales success, he has NEVER MADE A COMMERCIAL SUCCESS.
His Ultima stuff? LOL. Seriously. 
Stop enabling this guy. He is feeding off outlets like this. Let him pass.

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@Milkman said:
" @Mono_Listo: You're trying really hard, aren't you? "
With all courtesy, no, you are. I am just a person speaking.
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@jakob187 said:
" Warhammer Online was not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination.  It just wasn't a SUCCESSFUL game.  There is a strong difference between the two.  As for Paul, it's because that muthafucker is a good storyteller. "
Right. Bad games are successful all the time, and good games aren't!