You Guys are the Best

No.. for real I would have beer with each and everyone one of you. The amount of support that has come out from this community is something I have never seen. Everyone feels as though they lost a brother..someone they can relate to, someone they felt they knew on a deep level..a man that could make us all laugh and as it turns out, he could make most of cry as well.


Don't get yourself all down in the gutter, pick your heads up and play some games, talk about games..get something to drink and watch a dumb action something because that is what Ryan would have wanted. I never met the man but I know it to be true.


That is what we say and I'll shout it from the rooftops till my voice cracks out. "Oh Giantbomb? you've never heard of it? ..well sit down and let me tell you about it .. Giantbomb is a website..about video games, star trek, drinking expensive liquor out of paper cups and viewers like me..viewers like you.. you guys.The best bunch of people I have ever seen on the internet.We are standing up and saying " We are here for you" and if you don't agree.. maybe you just haven't been here that long.. this a family brought together over one common interest and right now we are here..for everyone who needs talk and to listen..because you can't stop the bomb.


Ryan Davis..

Pour one out for the dirtiest Narc in the business, tellin' everyone what is what, making Matt Rorie look dumb in front of thousands of people and playing most games.. well poorly.. pour one out for that guy, the man with happiest smile and the most devious grin.

A man I never got the chance to meet, but if I did, he probably wouldn't like me and think I was weird ..pour one out for that guy and that guy everyone is an asshole and his name is Ryan Davis and he might just be the nicest asshole I have ever had the chance of watching on an internet live stream in my bedroom, but god damn it was it ever fun.

I cried today..over the loss of a man I didn't personally know..that is the impact you had on people who tuned in to watch you every week.

A man like that has his place in the afterlife, sitting next to Macho Man Randy Savage in the Danger Zone sucking back 40's! ,flipping everyone double fingers! and killing it on a Ms Pac man machine!.. and that man is Ryan Davis.

Drop that Mic at the pearly gates you brilliant son of a bitch.


The Joys of Platform Gaming.

So last night I had decided that I did not want to play Modern Warfare 2..which was odd because it was a game I have been playing very steadily since it's launch. Taking a break from that I had started to looking at my Glorious SNES...which over the years has turned from a great Silver/Grayish well kind of yellow, but that's ok the color of it's skin doesn't matter I just wanted to play Mario there is something about an obstacle course like game (or a mario game) that always keeps me coming back to play again and again, holding down the Y button and running through a level trying to do it as fast as possible is somewhat satisfying when you actually complete the level..but that's something I couldn't say to the fact that after about 3 years of using my Xbox 360 controller the SNES controller in it's simple glory just really couldn't cut it.. honestly I haven't used a D-pad in years because the one on the 360 is well terrible. So I had found my self dying over and over again until finally getting used to the controls in a lobster claw like handle on the controller itself. Mario will always have a special place in my heart and I may buy a Wii just to play Super Mario World with a joystick.


Annoyances on XBL

So I was insulted on XBL today - Today I was enjoying the multiplayer expierence of halo3 and well I plugged my headset in I was doing fairly well when some kid who sounded like he was 6 and called me a name that would be especially offensive if I was a homosexual and I doubt the kid knew what the word even meant.
I need to address this gaming is shunned on in the news for violence and we are depicted as lazy slob like people but soon we are going to be described as a bunch of homophobes and racist pigs but people say  "Its a free country I can say what I want" thats a bunch of bull. What are these people trying to do be funny hurt me while your anonymous on XBL  if your reading this and you do it then please send me  a message why I need to know. If your going to make fun of someone and I am the most vulgar person ever I just do not use homophobic slurs and phrases turn a clever phrases don't insult someones sexuality or race and please no more your mom jokes you do not know my mom.