Ryan Davis..

Pour one out for the dirtiest Narc in the business, tellin' everyone what is what, making Matt Rorie look dumb in front of thousands of people and playing most games.. well poorly.. pour one out for that guy, the man with happiest smile and the most devious grin.

A man I never got the chance to meet, but if I did, he probably wouldn't like me and think I was weird ..pour one out for that guy and that guy everyone is an asshole and his name is Ryan Davis and he might just be the nicest asshole I have ever had the chance of watching on an internet live stream in my bedroom, but god damn it was it ever fun.

I cried today..over the loss of a man I didn't personally know..that is the impact you had on people who tuned in to watch you every week.

A man like that has his place in the afterlife, sitting next to Macho Man Randy Savage in the Danger Zone sucking back 40's! ,flipping everyone double fingers! and killing it on a Ms Pac man machine!.. and that man is Ryan Davis.

Drop that Mic at the pearly gates you brilliant son of a bitch.

Posted by and333

Your not the only one, still trying to hold back tears cause I know Ryan wouldnt want people crying over him forever, feels like I lost a brother...