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As part of an rpg or nestled within another genre?

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We've actually already launched two games! But due to our studio style we've always got a few additional projects on the go.

The two existing titles are the more 'traditional' style of games you would find on Facebook but we're actively trying to grow our community so we can better cater to their tastes and desires.

You can find the studios Facebook profile here -

and our two games are:

Word Trick - It's a traditional turn based word game for up to 4 players but it also has a combo system -

Booty Quest - A pirate themed puzzle game full of treasure and explosions -

Like I say these are the more 'traditional' style of Facebook games but feedback is much appreciated as would letting us know what sort of games would interest you as 'core' gamers.

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@BisonHero said:

On the other hand, I'm not sure we're a demographic that's really even worth courting.

Don't dismiss yourself so quickly mate. The Giant Bomb community is an incredible thing. You folks are informed and engaged with games in a way that very few other communities are. We want to make the kinds of games you guys want to play, we just happen to be working on a platform that you're not yet using. It's up to us to build something that will win you over and entertain. :D

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Hey everyone, I also work with the fantastic MrOutplay here at Outplay Entertainment and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your reaction to this thread. It's always really daunting to approach a community with this kind of request, especially when you're already involved in said community, and I am eternally grateful for your acceptance. DERGERS FOR EVERYONE!

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@yorro said:

@SomeJerk said:

Because consoles are not suffering from piracy at all and everything gets pirated 99999 times to one sale on the PC - Several publishers

PS3 and XBOX360 gets pirated all the time.

*slow clap*

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...What would their accessories be?

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Are you actually asking the question posed in the thread title? Because it doesn't seem to be reflected in your post. In fact you didn't pose a single question, not even a rhetorical one.

I will answer the thread title question though.

Why do developers make games if they are worried about piracy?

Because developers and publishers are in the product industry. You need to produce or supply products to make money. Money can be used in exchange for good and services.

And now for a less sarcastic reply. :P

UbiSoft, sorry, a few individuals at UbiSoft are talking about something they have no real understanding of and no stake in and if their absence as if it even matters.

The PC games industry is fine, it has however changed and UbiSoft doesn't seem to grasp how it needs to adapt to survive.

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@CptBedlam said:

@MonstroUK said:

I love open world games. It's my favourite style of game. They have produced some of the most satisfying game mechanics this generation and I see no sign of that changeine once developers have even more power and experience to throw into the mix (next generation).

That said I have bought one AC game and that was Brotherhood. Anything else I want to get out of AC can be found on YouTube.

Make of that what you will.

You can't get the better AC game out of youtube... which is AC2.

Does AC2 let me recruit and command a legion of assassins?

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It's a perfectly cromulent word...

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I like Jim. I've had professional interactions with him and I've spoken to him in private.

He is a genuinely nice guy who does everything he does for the right reason. He doesn't do stuff for the hits, his heart is in the work he does.

That doesn't mean however that I agree with everything he says. I just happen to on this occasion.

I do however have to take issue with your comment in the op:

"Jim is trying to argue that games don't need multiplayer and don't need DLC."

He isn't doing this at all. He's saying games don't need to have multiplayer to be good or sell well. Multiplayer and dlc isn't a pre-requisite for being good and players will buy games that don't have either. This is why he uses Metro, Bioshock and Dead Space 2 as examples. All three are, or have previously been, incredibly strong single player experiences that don't need tacked on mutliplayer in order to sell or check a box off on a marketing teams list.

That's the point he's trying to make.