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So how about that fake Sting, huh? Bo Dallas? Heath Slater?


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As a kid I played so much of Shatterhand on the NES, a kick-ass action/platformer with Megaman-style level selection, choices of playstyle, and all the good music. I feel like no one but me has ever played it.

Cybernetic high-five! I saw this topic title and said to myself "shit, I would do Shatterhand because nobody has ever talked about it." Not much is better than punching robots to death with your bare (metal) hands.

Grenadebot is best bot.

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Class: PvE Guardian

Weapons: Hammer (swap for Scepter/Focus when zerging)

Usage: I run up to a guy and stand there, wailing on him with my autoattack. I have signets to buff myself (increased Power, -10% damage), and the hammer autoattack ends with a symbol that gives me Protection (-33% damage), so I can take quite a lot of punishment as long nobody moves too much. I recently traited up to have larger symbols, so that helps. My ranged guildmates stand around and pour damage over my shoulder. If things get hot I hit 4 to knock the guy away, then 3 him into place for a couple seconds. Against veterans I'll dodge sometimes. Against champions I'll call down my attack golem.

I was hoping spirit weapons would be better than they are, frankly. I think I'll stay a solo tank rather than wait around thirty seconds between battles for all my ghost weapons to come back.

Does anybody else feel that offhand Focus gives you a better blocking option than offhand Shield? It's so weird.

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This is my Asuran Guardian, Gardd, busting a sweet move by a sweet cube.

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@Seppli: is right about Tailors, and Armorsmiths can make 8-slot Safe Boxes out of...glittering dust and bronze, I think it was? Really early on, though.

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For the depositing-minipet problem: get yourself a "safe box" as one of your bags. Items in the safe box don't get compacted, don't show up in the sell screen, and most importantly don't get deposited as collectibles! Keep your little buddies safe and snug in the safe box. I carry around my minigolem, salvage kits, and harvesting tools in my safe box.

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Le Bend du Yak?

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I've been hovering around the threads and Lincolncast for a while, guess I better write myself down here.

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8, and it's going to shoulder the burden of carrying me through the last two weeks to Guild Wars 2. Darksiders 1 was my favorite Zelda game since Wind Waker; I'm hoping Darksiders 2 will be my favorite God of War game since GoW2.

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"Lincoln Force" is awesome.