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Very cool thanks duder!

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@captainkamikaze: You have to buy it digitally. I don't think disc version counts.

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For some reason upon reading that headline I had an inexplicable urge to just post: "I don't, care"

Sorry :(

I could't agree more. But I hope it's like Black Flag. I had no interest in that game before it came out but turned out to be a very good game.

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I think the problem with a lot of this is that it's not a problem with "Game culture" and it's more of a problem with "Internet culture". As someone who has been playing video games all my life I agree that diversity of people can only be good but that is also but it's not the fans fault who play games as much it is the fault of society at large for being so flawed.

Not to say people should not be held accountable but the hate most people get on social media is not the entire audience.

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Baby Ruth is pretty awesome. I have a sickness where I freeze most chocolate candies.

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Miami Beach, FL, USA

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@nixx said:

see thats been one of my major holdbacks on DayZ, is that for all the years ive heard about it, in mod form, now working on standalone, its been years, and its still not stable. its just a bit troubling, other than that it seems like a valid choice. vanishing accounts sound like a game breaker, ill be damned if ima pay for something ill just lose, ive had enough of that.

ive never heard of state of decay though, any decent points i should know about it? :)

DayZ standalone came out in alpha December of last year. As someone that has put over hundred hours in DayZ I think I'm baised in saying you should get DayZ. But If you feel you're not getting enough game I would wait to see what the game becomes.

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Lets do this!

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The two Call of Duty demos that were released for the first Call of Duty. Now most times I don't even finish demos.

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You mean Google? They own youtube.