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I don't think he'll review it, but I am interested to hear Jeff's opinion on it. Probably won't be much different than on D.S. but he has mentioned in the past that Bloodborne seemed more appealing to him than the souls game. He probably won't overcome his dislike of the animation priority, but I am curious if the combat's seemingly more aggressive focus might mitigate it a bit for him.

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I dug Iron Bull, but he wasn't in my main party. I always see it as a strength that when there is disagreement on the best character, just means different characters struck different cords with different people.

My favorite character of 2014 was probably Glory from Shadowrun Dragonfall, I guess, but I wouldn't say I feel strongly about it.

Totally agree. I played Dragonfall right after Inquisition and it actually undercut Inquisition a bit. Thought the story and characters were much better in Dragonfall and Glory was the highlight.

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I find this post kind of funny for two reasons:

1) I actually thought Jeff was less negative of about DA:I on this most recent podcast then he had been previously. Yeah, he obviously doesn't like it, but it's not his kind of game. At least the conversation didn't devolve into him hating on the run speed and worrying about what this means for Mass Effect. And he mentioned a couple things about the story that made me go, oh, he's actually paying some attention to the game.

2) Go back and listen to the 2011 GOTY podcast, Jeff is sort of the only reason The Witcher 2 is even in the top ten. It gets nominated for a cut, and you can hear Vinny starting to give up when Jeff chimes in and says 'Witcher 2 needs to be on this list'. I honestly think it would have been cut if he hadn't said that. Do I wish it was higher on that list? Yes, but honestly, only Vinny really played it, so it's completely understandable that it was ranked midway down the list. I'm just glad it made it on.

That said, I'm enjoying DA:I a lot, and I hope it makes the top ten (I think it will). It's not going to be number 1, there are just too many people in that crew that aren't into that type of game.

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The 2 games they haven't covered at all yet that I'd like to see are:

1) Persona Q - I echo the calls for a Jeff/Vinny quick look.

2) Freedom Wars - Really want some coverage on this, enjoying the game a lot and I think it speaks to the trend of increased mobility in games.

As far as other games that I think could use another look, the Dark Souls 2 DLC would be cool, plus would be a good chance for a postmortem on the game from everyone, I also agree that some more Dragon Age content from Patrick and Vinny would be good (I doubt Vinny has had a chance to play it yet, but I know he enjoys the world from DA 1 & 2).

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Sunset Overdrive


Purchased an X-Box One this last friday mainly to play D4, but my interest in checking out Sunset Overdrive as well was what made the math work as far as the money investment. Booted up S.O. while I was waiting on D4 to download, and was hooked, did nothing but play it all weekend and finished it off Sunday night. Totally surprise how much it clicked with me, so much so that I never got around to starting D4 (plan to after work today).

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I'm really hoping they just Skype everyone in. I understand the dislike for this approach, Skype throws of the flow a bit and the number of people is getting a little big (though it's really only one more than last year, 2 if Jason joins which I doubt will happen), but I'd much prefer taking that small quality hit to loosing out on Vinny, Patrick and Alex's thoughts in the discussion. I also don't think separate East / West casts/lists is a good idea, just because I don't think GBEast is big enough even with Patrick for that to be meaningful. Feels like you need at least 4-5 people for the discussion to actually matter. Plus, I feel like taste split between the folks at GBEast and the folks at GBWest will just mean less arguing in general, and a more boring cast...

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I'm digging him on the podcast, yeah, he should stay on it.

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I agree with a lot that said about dipping into the PSP back catalog for that style of RPG. Sadly, I don't think there are a lot of options for Vita-specific RPGs (most of the recent games of that ilk that I can think of are over on the 3DS: SMT4 and Soul Hackers 3DS were both stellar).

If you particularly enjoy the way P4 story works, you might look into Visual Novel genre, which surprising has some decent representation on Vita. Recommend Vita games of that ilk: the Dangan Ronpa series and Virtue's Last Reward. They are really good complements to P4 because they all revolve around young people solving dark mysteries in extreme situations. Patrick has done a decent amount of converge on them.

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Anyone think "The Wolf Among Us" could squeak into the top 10. I may be misremembering this, but I thought Alex and Patrick were generally positive about it on the Bombin' the A.M. casts. I kind of just hope it gets brought up to spur an argument with Dan because he seems to super-hate those telltale games (even more than Jeff does), and I think that would be entertaining.

I also hold out some hope that Dark Souls 2 at least gets discussed and doesn't just get written off as being disappointing. It was disappointing, but even as a disappointing Souls game, I still thought it was better than a lot of games that will probably end up on this list. Kind of sad that we finally have more than just Vinny understanding the appeal of these games and we get a disappointing one. Oh well there's always Bloodborne next year.

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Ditto on Ghost Trick, also if you have a DS, there always the Phoenix Wright Games and the 999/Zero Escape series. And while not strictly solely a mystery game, you can't go wrong with Deadly Premonition when looking for crazy twists and turns.

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