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I agree with a lot that said about dipping into the PSP back catalog for that style of RPG. Sadly, I don't think there are a lot of options for Vita-specific RPGs (most of the recent games of that ilk that I can think of are over on the 3DS: SMT4 and Soul Hackers 3DS were both stellar).

If you particularly enjoy the way P4 story works, you might look into Visual Novel genre, which surprising has some decent representation on Vita. Recommend Vita games of that ilk: the Dangan Ronpa series and Virtue's Last Reward. They are really good complements to P4 because they all revolve around young people solving dark mysteries in extreme situations. Patrick has done a decent amount of converge on them.

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Anyone think "The Wolf Among Us" could squeak into the top 10. I may be misremembering this, but I thought Alex and Patrick were generally positive about it on the Bombin' the A.M. casts. I kind of just hope it gets brought up to spur an argument with Dan because he seems to super-hate those telltale games (even more than Jeff does), and I think that would be entertaining.

I also hold out some hope that Dark Souls 2 at least gets discussed and doesn't just get written off as being disappointing. It was disappointing, but even as a disappointing Souls game, I still thought it was better than a lot of games that will probably end up on this list. Kind of sad that we finally have more than just Vinny understanding the appeal of these games and we get a disappointing one. Oh well there's always Bloodborne next year.

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Ditto on Ghost Trick, also if you have a DS, there always the Phoenix Wright Games and the 999/Zero Escape series. And while not strictly solely a mystery game, you can't go wrong with Deadly Premonition when looking for crazy twists and turns.

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100% yes

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I've been having a really positive experience with the game so far, just finished chapter 3 on the normal difficultly. I get why some people are unhappy with the randomness and difficulty, but I honestly don't think the game would work any other way. Honestly, most of the really cool moments I've had with the game are because of that difficulty. My favorite moment so far was specifically in the chapter 2, after spending 25-30 mins surviving the intense torture scenes, the guy pulls out a instrument that is obviously just blind luck as to whether it will kill you outright or not. So yes, you could look at that and go 'Aw, that's cheap', instead my thoughts were: 'oh no, oh no, oh no, I can't lose my progress', and my resolve to either lie or stay tight lipped dies and I start begging and spilling my guts answering his questions just to hopefully survive. Really effective scene.

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Also running into this issue.

@rorie If you could send me a password reset email as well when you have a chance I'd appreciate it.

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Definitely seconding Metal Gear Rising. Really loved that game.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers - it's technically an older game, but it's the first time it's been released in the US and it's great. Going to be over shadowed by SMT 4, but they are both great games. I probably even prefer Soul Hackers just because I like the characters in Soul Hackers a whole lot better (Nemissa is awesome!)

Playing through Zeno Clash 2 at the moment, hoping it turns out to be as good as the first one.

Wish I had the time to get to Wonderful 101 this year, but I don't think I'm going to. I hear that game gets great after a slow start.

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The full stream showed a little more gameplay than just the trailer above if you want to go find an archived version. The only other interesting thing I remember from it was the there were clear shots of the dungeon crawling and it was from the first person pov a la Etrian Odyssey and Persona 1/other SMT games.

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Fingers crossed for awkward-dad-dancing Dojima...

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I agree that I'd love to hear the guys do some more spoilercast, but yeah, I totally get why they don't (Logistics are probably a nightmare). I am really excited for Patrick's VLR spoilercast/video, can't wait to watch that.

As far as other podcasts, these are the ones I know of:

The Player One podcast does spoiler sections sometimes, and they recently did a full spoilercast on The Walking Dead.

The Gamers with Jobs podcast also does spoiler sections occasionally. Most recently was The Walking Dead and Dishonored.

Rebel FM used to do a "Game Club" spoilercast (which was a continuation of the 1up FM game club) that was really good. Sadly they stopped doing them, but the archived shows are still great. Some of my favorites are: Heavenly Sword, Hitman: Blood Money, Bully, Call of Cthulhu, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (1up FM), Psychonauts (1up FM and Tim Schafer made a guest appearance)

Another group that does game club-like spoilercasts: The Squadron of Shame. These guys are somewhat infrequent, but their casts are really good: (Note: Most of the Spoilercasts are at the very bottom of the page.) Some of my favorites: Persona 3, Silent Hill 2, Yakuza, Okami, The Fallout Series

Anyway, I'm very curious to see what others recommend. I really like spoilercasts as well.

Update: Also thank you for mentioning Cain & Rinse, just looked them up and they seem to be totally up my alley.

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