Live show and membership feelings,Bandwagon ho!!

After watching most of the live show live*No wai!* i thought about do i really want to subscribe to a website,i mean really? 
As someone who doesn't really have much money and with the onslaught of winter holiday games looming,I thought about it for awhile. 
The first thing that came to mind was,Man i really want that T-shirt.Then i started to read about all this bombcast nonsense.  
As someone who thoroughly enjoys listening to bombcast  on a weekly basis and has done for over the last year and a half+. 
This news was kind of a bummer to hear,But then i started to think would it be such a problem to to really have a subscription to a awesome 
site that has given me so many hours of quality entertainment?    
Long answer:
Short answer : 
plus i still really wanted that t-shirt ! 
So thanks to all the whisky media crew for putting out something as awesome as TBLLSL,Something that i personally wish i could have attended,But i will be content on waiting for my shirt so i can rep whisky media in style! 
PS:Tested Killed it on the live stream. 
PSS: Bacon!!


Points get!!

For some reason im compelled to try and do as many quests on the site as i can,Because lets face everybody likes points,Right? 
This blog post is definitely helping in scoring some awesome points,As its the last in my "vanity smurf" set. 
Gotta catch um all!!    Well maybe not *um* all but maybe just a few quests,At least its something to do until i play SSFIV again and face of against a endless supply of Ken's and Ryu's spamming hadouken's and Shoryukens.That takes real skill!