Dungeons of Dredmor, an arduous love affair

You know that feeling when time passes by in a blink of an eye? You sink countless hours into your character as he crawls through the dungeon and with one foul misstep you are a pile of blood and bones on the floor. You curse your ineptitude and then click last build and restart. This is my life at the moment and I'm determined to kill Dredmor!

My current build (Golemancy, Mathemagic, Magic Training, Psionics, Astrology and Blood Magic) seems strangely unkillable as I have so many methods of escape, kiting and distractions that if I get in trouble I can run away. I've had no problem with Monster Zoos so far with a combination of fireballs, thermites and walls, I do however have mana problems when dungeon crawling and my health and melee damage are painfully low as you can expect. I'm currently on floor 6 ,which is my best run in a while, and I'm vaguely optimistic of one day being able to reach Dredmor.


Civilization V, Spider-man Shattered Dimensions and Halo Reach

Just about to play Civilization V so I don't think I will be playing anything else for a little while.  I have to say really enjoyed Halo Reach campaign but need to finish it on Legendary now but apparently my friends on Live won't let me! I also need to finish off Spider-man which is really enjoyable and very similar to Arkham Asylum without the polish. Dead Rising 2 is also apparently stuck in the post but with my backlog of games to complete I really don't mind too much. 
I was wondering which achievements should I finish off for S ranks: Call of Duty 4, Spiderman or Mass Effect 2.


Finally, smile!

Currently I am feeling completely drained. I think I have completed about 7 games this week and none I can say were legitimately fun to play. SAW was incredibly boring and just saw me searching through cupboards for parts to the puzzles and the occasional laugh at the outlandish traps and how bizarre they were. The only 2 games which I have thoroughly enjoyed getting achievements for recently were Just Cause 2 and Geometry Wars Evolved 2 (even though this was borderline masochistic) I've yet to finish off Just Cause 2 on either platform (PC/360) but have to say it's possibly the most fun I have had playing a game in a long time. Both of these games actually make you feel like you are achieving something, which I do not feel enough, and I'm proud to say I finally have that damn Smile achievement! Now I'm savouring Alan Wake until I've finished off  Metro 2033 and Dead to Rights: Retribution... fun. All in the name of achievements.


Xbox 360

Looking at super elite deals wondering if they are worth the extra 50-60 pounds and wondering if they are worth the extra 130GB + extra controller. Decisions, decisions.