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What is your Favourite PS3 Game? Mine is probably either MW2, Black Ops or Dead Space 2.

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@iam3green: Thats my gamerpic on Xbox. No one considers me a girl though.
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It could be a number of reasons: 
The Cables are loose on the PS3, 
The settings are going haywire on your PS3, 
Your T.V Is screwing 
Or your PS3 is on its deathbed. 
I suggest you test your PS3 on a new T.V and checking its settings. If everything seems to be normal, I think you may want to kiss  your PS3 Goodbye and permanantly shut it down. 
MAYBE Rest In Peices, PS3.

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 Yes, BUT! You should Save up for a wii. Game Cube games are compatible with the Wii, which I find to be and EXCELLENT feature for the Wii. So now I can play Gamecube favs like Mario Kart DOUBLE DASH and Need For Speed:Hot Pursuit and Luigi's Mansion. But if you dont have the money for the Wii, Gamecube is a definet. I guess it depends if your going to play it or not.  But yes It is worth it. Gamecube has its awesome games so Its a yes.

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Im the same way. I like keeping my games neat and all. But sometimes I care a little to much about the Jewl Cases and Plastic cases etc, that I find they get broken. Especially Oblivion. I played that game alot, I had to replace the case twice. Anyway,  I find just not to keep em to tight together, and always make sure not to leave em on the ground. And usauelly my brother will break some -_- 

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Whats your favourite MW2 Gun out of the WHOLE game. (Guns like the dragunov and W12000 DO count) So this would be the gun you would normally pick for online.  
Mine is probably the ACR or M4A1. 

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Ive downloaded iBooks, and when I start it up, it shows the wooden shelf, then it goes straight to the main iPod menu, as if Ive pressed the home button (which ive check i did not). My touch is NOT YET Jailbroken and ive tried reinstalling more than 3 times. Ive sent a report on the app but so far nothing? Also, Ive searched online but once again, Off topic results. Help?

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Ive tried BlackRa1n and Greenpo1son. Greenpo1son says that the jailbreak has failed and Blackra1n says that it is not compatible with my iPod.  
So I ask this question: 
How do I Jailbreak my iPod Touch 8GB 3rd Generation? (if any system info is needed please ask) 
I just wanna jail break it for free. I mean, I dont HAVE to. I just wanna. I already paid for some apps that I have on a backup so when I delete em. So what program do you suggest? And will there be something to be released for this type of iPod for jailbreaking?  
EDIT:Yes! I HAVE Searched on Google! I either get off-topic resalts or rumours that the company that made Blackra1n and greenpo1son will release somthing in late october for it. I guess I can wait that long but I think its just a rumour?

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Well, I guess on a hot day outside it would be nice to have an ice cream with you if there isent a convenience store or ice cream truck available. Wouldent it melt though? I say its worth a shot. 

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I beleive it is pronounced: 
EE-ME-YOO. Im Canadian :DDD