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Man, I hate change! Always loved him whenever he was on GiantBomb. Good luck in the future Alexis!

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Hmmm... Alex just tweeted they're doing a power bombcast. Could it be something to do with the PAX Royal Rumble?

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@superkenon: Ah, wow they sure cleared that up quickly. Thanks for posting this

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@superkenon: Yeah that sounds super reasonable too. I'm just getting a strange feeling from them downplaying a supposedly new character.

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I think Lucina is a clone of Marth? Or at least I'm inclined to believe that on the account that she's not listed with a "newcomer" banner on the website: (If you click to her page it says newcomer, but still, not sure what to make of this)

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@darkest4: That's what I love about Patrick, and why I think he's so invaluable to Giant Bomb and our community!

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I already see the positives!

Jason loves Korra and fighting games, and both Jason and Dan are on the other side of the Towerfall vs Samurai Gunn debate!

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Why don't you take a look at future releases and compare which games you like the most? Also, since you really like Halo, you'd probably want the Xbone.

Also, do you have an established set of friends who have a preference, because you would probably want to go where you friends go.

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I've always liked Justin Calvert. Probably less bombastic than some of the other personalities on the site, but he's a good guy.

I wonder how Mary Kish would fit in only because I don't think I've ever seen her interact with Giant Bomb at all. It would be a good idea to get a cool female voice in from time to time!

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Patrick, I think you did a fantastic job this year. Not just with the guest booking, but with organizing specific guests into a single panel. I think some of the chemistry we saw with some of the guests was very good, if not extremely interesting.

I will say that, although I love a Giant Bomb train wreck, maybe try to limit the drunkenness...? I loved Mikey Neumann every time I see him on Giant Bomb, and even this time I don't think he was really offensive, but he was definitely less coherent. Though I will say that this incident is few and far between.

Also, this may be impossible, and I'm sure you tried, but someone from Nintendo would be great. GET KIT ELLIS ON THE PHONE