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'Mums Undies'

I always get a kick out of that one when I see him come onto the tf2 server I'm on.

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I can remember puttering around the bend of a river canyon in Farcry 2, and coming head on with a sunset and literally said 'whoa'. Rest of the game wasn't up to that moment, but mang it was pretty as hell for those few seconds.

And I' never played it but watched the ER of it. Persona 4. Nanako. You know the bit. I never thought I'd get any sort of attachment to that character. What with me being dead inside. But by the end. That little scamp.

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Sworn and raised my voice against other players and AI, never over game speak though, always just to the empty room I'm in. Especially in dota. After a particularly shit match, all you can do is go for a walk and try not to dwell on it. That shouldn't be as hard as it is though sometimes. Which means I should probably do something to stop taking it as seriously.

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@crispy: Yeah I added the slow because it would have to be balanced somehow you'd think. Without numbers I'm talking a huge armour buff... like, really huge. And the ult is me wanting a spy from tf2 type ability. Even though it would be super easy to see through. Could work in pubs though... :D

Maybe change the ulti to free pathing through trees with a heft amount of regen for a period of time. Nope better idea. see below.

Lets have another crack at him. He's now some sort of giant turtle quadruped creature called 'Forest Leviathan'. Although woodguy does have some serious zing to it.

1st skill. Collect trees. hero dashes forward collecting enemy heros and trees in path, silencing enemies hit and knocks them too the side. Trees are stored on heros back. 2 trees at level one, 3, at level 2. 4, at three. 5, at four. Silence lasts 1,2,2,3 seconds.

2nd skill. Collected trees can be launched at enemies stunning and dealing damage.

3rd skill, Passive. whilst carrying trees 'Forest Leviathan' moves quicker (either that or it gives an armour buff), and has a chance to automatically replenish his tree supply as he fires trees. Auto tree supply replenishment by level, 1,1,2,3. (maybe the more trees he has the more armour he gets. Or as he fires trees he gets a short speed boost... or each tree turns into a dog that can fire bees from its mouth)

Ultimate. Forest leviathan is one with the trees, upon activating it he can move unencumbered through trees automatically collecting trees and vastly reducing the cooldown and increasing the effectivness of his other skills.

Yep op, I like it.

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Hero name... Woodguy I don't know... someone else think of one. Intelligence melee hero.

1st skill. AOE, Sucks surrounding trees to his position silencing, and slightly damaging enemies hit. trees collect around Woodguy for a short period of time, slowing his move speed but adding to his armour

2nd skill. Collected trees can be expelled with great force AOE, damaging all enemies surrounding Woodguy

3rd skill. collected trees can be thrown one at a time at an enemy. Dealing damage and with a chance to stun

Ultimate. 'Image swap', or 'Guise steal', or something. But he takes the shape of a neutral creep or a tree, killing that creature or tree and then taking its position on the map. You get bonus exp for the kill if its a creep, or life regen if its a tree. But then you wait until a enemy hero comes a long and then boosh, its not a tree! Unleash any selection of skill one two or three you like.

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I've often thought it would be cool to get a hero based around the vision mechanic. Have him be like a giant eye, or a beholder or something. Have one of his skills just be wards basically, but they last half as long as store boughts. And maybe he could tele to them, with anther skill. It seems a waste to just have nightstalker be the only guy that really takes advantage of the daynight cycle. So maybe give him a nightvision skill as well.

As you can see I've clearly put as much thought into this as Crispy has... so I look forward to seeing Eyeball McEyeballstien in TI4.

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'Baulders gate dark alliance 3: Yo this cats got a sun barge, and he might be (probably is) a mummy. You in for some adventures?'

Just give me that game... I don't care about the title, just... let me playyyy it!

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@budwyzer: I'm watching that. I don't care whose in it... I'm down.

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For proper corners... Brake, turn, accelerate, in that order. And none of those three things should overlap... unless you want the sideways action.

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1080 snowboarding, and megadeths 'countdown to extinction', are inseparable.