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Whether the game is worth the money you paid for it, can only be decided by you. No matter its length, quality, widely regarded review score, or whatever. Someone saying something is short and not worth $60, is their opinion, and is for them, completely valid. You will have to buy it to found out if you agree with that.

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Quinn! I like that actor. he's good in Homeland. This looks... well, I guess it might be alright.

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Good luck to him, but I come to GB, and that's it. I only really watch the videos/listen to the podcast. So any written coverage of games is kind of... null for me I guess.

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You'll be back... they always come back... And we'll welcome you Scoops. Don't be a stranger duder. Thanks for the four years of entertainment, and being unafraid to say what you think.

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'Wii U: i'

Seriously though, Nintendo should probably go third party as well as making handhelds. But if they do make another home console, I could see worse names than 'Super Wii', or 'Wii 2 (Electric boogaloo)'.

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Listen while doing my gym shit. By that I mean working out, not going to a gym and then pooing.

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Yeah this seems like a totally fine, actually really good way to handle dlc. Interested to see how many downloads it gets.

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@aquacadet: I'm actually the other way... I usually love symmetry too... Something might be wrong with me.

Either way, shit that's grouse. Love the design.

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I'd kinda like everyone to be honest, Jason included. I know it would be hectic. But I'm up for it, it's always entertaining. Might be best to mention I'm coming to this strictly for entertainment, not any serious examination of games. As I don't really care what other people think of the shootbangs and platforming shenanigans.

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Bendigo, Victoria, Australia