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Human who enjoys games between doing her best to try and help people/ruin their lives.

Thumbs up: RPGs, IRN-BRU, Lasagne, Bayonetta, Chips, Joan Of Arc, Stewart Lee, the idea of redemption, Toy Story 3, Ellen Page, Freedom of expression, AC Grayling, Nietzsche, Christopher Hitchens, Manic Street Preachers, LGBT rights (I am trans for the record), Ayn Rand's non fiction, Anime, Chocolate, extensive character customisation in video games, the stories of Ragnar Tornquist, the cello, cats, most things gothic, my mum, Sleep, Arsenal FC, Will Self, Juno, Katatonia, Prawn cocktail crisps, Potato Salad, Michael Fassbender, Kenneth Branagh, Jonathan Meades, Steins;Gate (except the last two episodes), wolves, spiders...