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Posted by AjayRaz

would you say Disgaea is fine for someone that isn't very experienced with RPGs? i've been meaning up to nab 1, 2 and 3 but i don't want to buy it just so i can be really lost with everything going on. 

Posted by MoonlightMoth
@AjayRaz: I would say so. The original game is very good at taking you slowly through the mechanics at the start, and everything else is introduced bit by bit so you should be ok in getting a hang of things. The sequels perhaps presume a little more, but I'm sure you're more than capable. The fact that it is turn based and you can replay old stages/levels means you always have opportunities to practice and play around with the mechanics so you can understand them better. But yeah, I would say it's fine.
Posted by Bluepixie

Great list. BG2 is probably one of my favourite games ever and I just played through Dreamfall for the first time, beautiful game if not incredibly melancholic and bleak. I was down for days after finishing it!

I really want to play Xenoblade Chronicles but don't actually own a Wii. Other than Twilight Princess and Demon Blade, there is not much else on the system I want to play. Think it's worth picking one for them alone?

Posted by MoonlightMoth

@Bluepixie: For one game alone? I'm not quite sure to be honest, but if you can get a Wii cheap enough, then maybe. For as much as I love those games, you can never legislate for another's enjoyment.

As for Dreamfall, I had pretty much the same experience; it has this very sombre tone which I loved and it's such a shame we've not had any follow up to what was a very inconclusive stopping point (it doesn't really "end" per se). Oh, and thanks :)