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Vlad (Not an Impaler) 0

Vlad the Impaler is not a visual novel, a visual short story perhaps? It seems conceivable that if you know what you’re doing in this grisly little tale that you could finish within 10 minutes, provided you did not take the time to actually read it. But that of course would be to miss all the fun, and if you are into stories about vampires, ritualistic killings, and self-mutilation, then there is potentially fun to be had provided you can stomach the experience’s more mechanical shor...

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A Night at the Blood Ballet 0

Ah, BloodRayne, one of gaming’s many butchered IPs. There could have been some future for its b-movie gore and sexy half vampire frolicking, but alas it somehow made its way to being largely associated with movies about one level up from digging your eyeballs out with a pencil.For the longest time I thought I would never even actually finish BloodRayne: Betrayal. Having originally played the 360 release some time ago I found myself stuck some two thirds in with no clue of how to proceed. S...

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Hindsight: A Moonlight Moth Review 0

A certain friend of mine has always said that he wish he could get into adventure games. He claims that although he is into the stories and writing he cannot get over the hump that is the way in which puzzles are often shoehorned in at the cost of pacing and sometimes logic. His other issue is how adventure games never seem to give you direct control and instead ask you to click the desired destination for your character and watch while they spend the next few minutes getting there, if they have...

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Death becomes her 0

The Cat Lady is a messed up video game. Everything you encounter is ‘off’ in some way or another. It is a dark and twisted little adventure game that explores some incredibly sensitive subject matter and yet somehow manages, within all its brutality and weirdness, to handle them with care and insight.You play as Susan Ashworth; a 40 year old woman suffering from severe depression, who, at the game’s opening, has just tried to kill herself. She is soon given a reason to stay ali...

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Revenge of the Cie'th 1

Does George Lucas moonlight for Square Enix? That was one of the questions I was asking myself after the 50 or so hours I had thrown at their latest and (hopefully) final entry in the Final Fantasy XIII series. There truly is something uncanny in how both this and Lucas’ embarrassing prequels follow a similar trajectory; a desperately poor first attempt, a slightly better but still quite rotten follow up, and now this, the best of the bunch, but only by virtue of the staggering ineptitude ...

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We need to talk about David 1

David Cage is not a very good writer. For all the efforts he has put in with Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, and now Beyond: Two Souls, he seems incapable of delivering a consistent story that does justice to his admittedly noble ambitions of genuinely emotional storytelling. In previous outings he has failed in this endeavour pretty spectacularly, regaling us with the sort of bottom drawer fiction that would embarrass even the most pathetic of failed authors. Poor voice acting, incredulous jumps in log...

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Disappointment with a Vampire 0

It is somehow fitting that Blood Knights should be so concerned with vampires, for it mirrors many of their attributes; the off-colour skin, the hollow eyes, the lack of a heartbeat, and yet somehow it retains an allure, something that intrigues you to linger and take a closer look.It offers you an action-rpg with loot, moral choices, co-op (albeit only local), and whispers romance in the ears of those who long for that which so often seems rarer than the existence of real vampires; a genuinely ...

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Understrike 2

There is a strange mix of cowardice and arrogance within the DNA of Insomniac’s first multiplatform title. As a third-person cover shooter it is solid, but nearly everything beyond the competent shooting mechanics are largely uninspired or lazy, yet seems to presume that you will be happy to tolerate it.Originally announced as Overstrike, the colourful and cartoony styling of its first announcement was overhauled into what is now Fuse, a much grittier looking aesthetic and experience, and while ...

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litera scripta manet 0

Memoria, when placed in the pantheon of adventure games, may not ever sit with the greats, but it is nevertheless a solid and, for the most part, engrossing tale of love, the power of memory, and the ambition to rise above one’s own origins.In what is essentially a sequel to The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, Memoria tells the tale of the previous game’s hero, Geron, and that of Sadja, a princess from 450 years ago whose story appears to Geron in his dreams.Memoria plays very much like a tradition...

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Worth remembering 0

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten isn’t the prettiest game, but as we all know, graphics does not a game make. This tower defence and RPG hybrid by Level Up Labs attempts to ram that point home with some considerable force by combining various mechanics and subtle innovations to create a very unique experience, and one of the best games this humble reviewer has played in some considerable time.Defender’s Quest tells the story of Azra, the Royal Librarian of the Ash Empire. After becoming...

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An Imperishable Achievement 0

Dust: An Elysian Tail was by in large made by one man, but perhaps more important than that, it was made as a labour of love. From the biggest AAA titles down to the lowliest freeware games, often the key element to greatness is the sense that it was made with care and attention to detail, and that the heart of its creator, or creators, is present within the final product. That this game was designed and coded by Dean Dodrill pretty much on his own, makes it all the more the case with his deligh...

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Sent out to die. 0

The former head of the UN, Kofi Annan, once said that war is always a catastrophe, and even though that was the general view of World War 2 stealth title Velvet Assassin, the game itself has much more in common with this view of conflict than nearly all other games set between 1939 and 1945.Developed by German outfit Replay Studios, Velvet Assassin is the rarest of things; an anti-war game. Much has been made of the graphic violence seen in many of today’s games, not to mention violence ag...

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Gold Against The Soul. 0

There is something wrong with Soul Calibur V, be it the stench of something rotten, or a general feeling of unease, there is something at the heart of this 3D fighter which causes me to move around its slightly barren game modes with a vague disgust.What could it be I wonder? Certainly not the graphics, as they are like before; nice and bright, colourful, and despite not looking the best of what the genre can offer, it is nevertheless more than sufficent to cause the occasional signals of awe an...

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Epic Games go crazy with the WD40. 0

It goes without saying that anyone reading this would already be well acquainted with the Gears of War series. Epic Games' flagship cover shooter hasn't changed all that much from outward appearances, but anyone who has played the first two games in the series will understand that subtle changes can have a larger impact once a controller is in hand. It is thus the same with the latest and by far the best game in the series, where a number of small changes have refined the formula into something ...

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Another distortion in the timeline. 0

£42.99. That was the price for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in my local game shop when it was released. If it had been the standard £39.99 I may have well bought it, but this slight but clear attempt to fleece me after the appalling waste of time which was Final Fantasy XIII, went too far, and I left, leaving thoughts of buying the game on the shop floor.Fast forward several months and after many none too surprising price drops, I gave in and bought the damn thing; how bad could it be? Well,...

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One long nightmare 2

Catherine is two things; a puzzle game and an interactive anime, and in my 15 hours or so with it I was forced to conclude that in both these dimensions, Atlus have produced something of a stinker.Catherine tells the tale of Vincent; a relatively charm-free and rather witless young man, and his peculiar love life. I say peculiar as it baffled me as to how any sane woman would be interested in this way-faced little twit, but sure enough we are introduced to Katherine, his long time and one presum...

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B.O.R.3 (SP Review) 0

This is a rather messy review for the single player – I have no friends :’( (on 360)Fear 3 is a first person shooter from day 1 studios and is the third full game in the Fear franchise as you take the brothers, Point Man and Paxton Fettel, on a final jaunt to find and deal with their mother, Alma Wade.This happened to me a lot.Those who have not played any of the previous games, such as myself, may be a little confused as to the significance of some events and the general thrust of the story. Th...

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There is a good game here...somewhere. 0

Knights Contract is a third person hack and slash, and the last game by Game Republic, the now closed Japanese studio responsible for the likes of Folklore and Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom. Now if you played either of those games and felt they showed potential, but were frustratingly hamstrung by design flaws, then you’ll know exactly what goes on in Knights Contract. For everyone else though, the game is just a complete mess. The story of Knights Contract centres on the immortal Heinrich an...

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