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My experience mirrors the above. If you're really exhaustive with the side quests, you'll reach level cap well before the end of the game, with plenty leftover to get everyone up there. It's almost impossible for any character to be more than one level behind your primary.

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Expansions and a Sequel have both been talked about, so we're likely getting both. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I'm really shocked at how much Durance grew on me. I kinda hated him at first, but once you start to break down his barriers and get into his head, he becomes a deeply tragic and really sympathetic character. It's true that most of the companion quests ended anti-climatically, but I think that was kinda the point: there's an overarching theme in the game of "There are no Answers." Sagani, Eder and Kana's quests are all very deliberately long journeys that end with no answers. The Iovara conversation in Sun-in-Shadow was the epitome of this theme, where we learn that the gods themselves don't have all the answers. I'm not saying that this means that those companion quests were actually really good, but I do appreciate what they were going for. (Incidentally, I feel that Hiravias is the companion who best ties into this theme, and his reaction to the various revelations is really well-realized.)

I did really love the way the main story developed. The way that you unfold the contents of your past life is a really interesting twist on the traditional amnesiac story, and the two final conversations (Iovara/Thaos) were really powerful for me.

I also kinda like how they don't let your character ever become a big hero. They do it first in Defiance Bay, when your attempts to unite Dyrwood against the Leaden Key are brutally undercut by Thaos and the subsequent riots. Then, in the end, the epilogue suggests that your character never really gets credit for ending the Hollowborn epidemic. Both of these decisions ensure that your character never gets proclaimed as the ultimate champion of the world, which is an excellent choice.

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Cipher. Their spells skip the whole per-encounter/per-rest mechanic, which is a nice bit of flexibility to have, especially in the early game. I'm planning to use more inn followers for my next playthrough, experiment with other classes more. Really looking forward to it.

Dispositions being displayed in dialogue was turned off by default for me. Is that not normal? I didn't even realize they were a thing until more than halfway through the game.

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I made the mistake of watching the archive on Youtube, where the top rated comments are berating Kalman for daring to have armpit hair.

I fucking hate people sometimes.

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At some point during the last generation, I made a pretty big shift from being console-centric almost entirely a PC gamer, so there are probably about 6-8 different games that I originally bought for the 360 but ended up eventually getting for PC.

Also TES 3: Morrowind, for which I have an xbox copy, a physical PC disk, and a Steam copy. So there's that.

The amount of times I've boughten Morrowind is higher then it should be. OG Xbox version, then OG Xbox Game of the year version, then PC, then PC GOTY version, then some steam Elder Scrolls sale that included it, then Elder Scrolls Anthologies.

I regret nothing.

You're a champ.

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Dorian is easily one of the best characters in the game. His sexuality takes center stage for precisely one cutscene, it's not really a dominating aspect of his character. His alienation from is family is a dominating aspect, and his sexuality is a part of that, but it's hardly the only part.

And as for the cutscene itself, I have to applaud bioware. Including homosexuality in games is easy. Including homophobia in games is much, much harder. It's a far more nuanced and responsible depiction that DAII's approach of "everyone is bi and nobody talks about it." That approach was nice for the larger array of possibilities it opened up, but it was narratively lazy.

Incidently, I had no idea whatsoever that he was gay before playing the game.

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I never had any issues with Keyboard/Mouse, not really sure where people are getting the idea that the controls are bad. I realize that the left-click-to-attack thing is weird and intuitive, it's not how cursor-based games generally work, but it doesn't take long to adapt to. The tactical view's camera is very weird, I don't understand who thought it was a good idea for the camera/cursor to move along the ground like a character and be bound by obstacles and walls. Very silly decision.

That said, the pausing/tactical was pretty useful for the Dragons (at least, the ones I wasn't massively over-leveled for) so it did have some uses. Totally pointless for most fights, though.

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22.2, because repetition. Also I like to lean high.

I just saw a commercial for this for the first time earlier today. All I could think was, "You guys really don't know anything about hacking, do you? I mean, I don't know much either, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any guns involved."

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Dear EA,

Fucking come on already.


Jeff Gerstmann

Can I co-sign this?

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I came to appreciate The Iron Bull towards the end, but I still lean more towards either Cass or Dorian.

Still, I'm glad that they gave the game some recognition after so completely dismissing it from best story.