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Just throwing this out here.

Have you considered contacting the professor and just asking?

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For people using the fly: even when you use the pants fly, you still pull down your underwear, right? You don't actually use that little hole thing, right? That thing is for crazy people.

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It's been a while since I felt so totally bludgeoned by ads for a game. It's starting to turn into resentment.

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I'm sure there's some group of idiots who call themselves that, but I don't believe they have any actual power.

Do rich and powerful people have a wildly disproportionate level of control over society? Yes. They do. And they're not hiding it. They're pretty proud of it, actually. There's no need to hold secret council meetings in dark rooms with secret handshakes, they just hold public political rallies instead.

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"Guns Content" : "Not-Guns Content" ratio?

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"You should set it on fire."

Correct solution to all problems.

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It is doable without clearing the poison, that's how I did it the first time (out of ignorance, not glitchyness.) Summon some people, throw on as much resistance as you can handle, and try not to die.

@tourgen said:

That sounds like it might be busted. After I lit the windmill it stopped turning and the boss area was free of poison. Did you get the little cutscene after lighting the specific spot on the windmill main shaft?

I lit it as well but the boss area still had some poison.

There's a small ring of poison around the edges that is always there, windmill or not. Igniting the windmill just clears out a big platform in the center.

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Anyone else assume that this was going to be about that other Nintendo thing that just happened?

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Absolutely. The Soul Memory mechanic is kinda grimy at higher levels, and the hitboxes are occasionally broken as fuck in online, but definitely having fun.

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I thought I did. I played it as a little kid, then stopped.

In college, I once sat down to play it with four other people. The game lasted 8 hours. In the end, we continued to play it only out of sheer spite. We instituted a random house rule that passing GO no longer gives money, just to reduce the amount of money in play. At 6 in the morning, somebody finally won, and we threw the board directly into the garbage where it belongs.