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Dorian is easily one of the best characters in the game. His sexuality takes center stage for precisely one cutscene, it's not really a dominating aspect of his character. His alienation from is family is a dominating aspect, and his sexuality is a part of that, but it's hardly the only part.

And as for the cutscene itself, I have to applaud bioware. Including homosexuality in games is easy. Including homophobia in games is much, much harder. It's a far more nuanced and responsible depiction that DAII's approach of "everyone is bi and nobody talks about it." That approach was nice for the larger array of possibilities it opened up, but it was narratively lazy.

Incidently, I had no idea whatsoever that he was gay before playing the game.

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I never had any issues with Keyboard/Mouse, not really sure where people are getting the idea that the controls are bad. I realize that the left-click-to-attack thing is weird and intuitive, it's not how cursor-based games generally work, but it doesn't take long to adapt to. The tactical view's camera is very weird, I don't understand who thought it was a good idea for the camera/cursor to move along the ground like a character and be bound by obstacles and walls. Very silly decision.

That said, the pausing/tactical was pretty useful for the Dragons (at least, the ones I wasn't massively over-leveled for) so it did have some uses. Totally pointless for most fights, though.

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22.2, because repetition. Also I like to lean high.

I just saw a commercial for this for the first time earlier today. All I could think was, "You guys really don't know anything about hacking, do you? I mean, I don't know much either, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any guns involved."

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Dear EA,

Fucking come on already.


Jeff Gerstmann

Can I co-sign this?

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I came to appreciate The Iron Bull towards the end, but I still lean more towards either Cass or Dorian.

Still, I'm glad that they gave the game some recognition after so completely dismissing it from best story.

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I spent most of the game with Rift Mage Inquisitior, Cass, Varric and Dorian. Varric was terrible until I took Hook & Tackle off his bar (and eventually respecced him to unlearn it). I can't even begin to understand why the auto-learn path for an archer involves a distance-closer, or worse, why his AI allows him to use it.

The Tevinter perspective is really interesting to me. I can't imagine not having had Dorian around for the Arbor Green.

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For most of this game's existence, I assumed it was a browser game, because that's the vibe the ads gave off.

Anyway, it's like watching the MMO boom all over again, with LoL playing the role of WoW and DOTA 2 clinging on as a solid second-place.

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My dual-core intel CPU has spent the past few years continuing to breeze through games that insist on a quad-core as minimum, so I'm not worried about that. I meet everything else comfortably.

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Just throwing this out here.

Have you considered contacting the professor and just asking?

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For people using the fly: even when you use the pants fly, you still pull down your underwear, right? You don't actually use that little hole thing, right? That thing is for crazy people.