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@Moonshadow101, if you please. Would contact someone from in-game, but if this game has an equivalent to /who, I haven't found it.

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$61.875 Million

This number was achieved through rigorous science.

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Any day now.

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The test period this weekend (28th to 2nd, as stated above) is a "Stress test," and everyone getting an invite is getting a second one to give to a "friend." This is mine. I have nowhere better to put it.

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Electronic sports (eSports) is the competitive play of video games. Games are played at amateur, semi-professional and professional levels, and some games have organized competition in the form of leagues and tournaments.

How interested are you in eSports?


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It can't be as bad as Forza 5's ridiculous not-so-micro-transactions. (An F1 car costs $120+)

Can it?

This is extremely misleading. The $120 car comes from a very specific unique promotion, and comes with a few real-world goods as well (a water bottle, a hoodie, some other crap.)

Not saying it's a great deal, but let's be serious here.

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I could stand Dark Souls losing to Bioshock, that'd be reasonable, but not red dead!

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31. Just a hair under half.

Not entirely sure why Mirror's Edge is on the list, the game was very mediocre, though I guess if it's because of 'Still Alive', because that song is absolutely fantastic and is the only reason I bought and played the game in the first place.

I would put Mirror's Edge above, like, a quarter of the games on this list : /

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The basic premise of ages was always inherently more interesting. Melting ice by turning winter to summer can't really compare to jumping between two points in an area's lifetime, pre- and post- various kinds of development.

My memories of the games aren't recent enough to comment any more deeply than that, however.

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Halo 3? I guess? We're basically just choosing which one dies now and which dies later. I mean, I like me some Halo 3, but it's not the generation's game.