So Long, Morrowind

Oh great, just when I'm off for the year, all the save games for my Level 46 Knight are messed up. Every time I leave Hlaalo manor, even via teleportation, the game crashes during the loading screen. The game crashes when I load up the quicksave, the backup, and the autosave files. I've tried 2 reinstallations of the game, but I'm pretty sure it's because of that save game, with all the stuff I've collected, 1.5 million gold, and all 700-in game days I've spent in the game that's screwing things up.
What a bummer, and I haven't even gotten to play Tribunal or Bloodmoon, yet. Then again, the game was losing it's edge for a while. I've been playing it for the last few weeks on maximum difficulty while upping my weakest stats, but the game wasn't as fun as it was when I started. I guess I should start over and play with the expansion packs.


If I could Mod, I would...

I would redo Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior using the Unreal 1 engine—that Duke Forever could've used.

I would redo the Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall as a plugin for Morrowind.



Things I've learned from playing Star Trek: New Worlds again

Things I've learned from playing Star Trek: New Worlds again:

  1. That I probably will never ever win through a regular play-through; partially because when I reach level 3 or 4 the game sends me back to the previous level for no reason.
  2. No screenshot button
  3. Can't alt-tab back to the game without it screwing up.
  4. The game usually crashes when I select "Yes" to end game.
  5. Some advanced Metar units can screw up the sensors.
  6. No 16:9 screen resolution; 1024×768 max.
  7. That a bunch of cheats should come with every game.