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I'm not sure if people have posted this before, but has anyone else noticed that while the GEP gun's HE (high-explosive) round supposedly inflicts 300 base damage, and can destroy a military bot in two or three hits, a LAW can destroy it outright in one though it has a stated base damage of just 100?
The LAW's damage radius is greater than the GEP's. Its visual explosive effect is more stunning than the GEP's. Plus, firing a LAW missile a ruined car length or two will kill the player outright regardless of Augs. Maybe this was just a simple mistake that was ignored through the years because the game was so fun to play and successful.

I think we should disregard the official stats and just switch the base damage numbers between the GEP gun and the LAW in the GiantBomb article.

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Thanks for the reply.  Maybe it had to do with the ebony armour or something...
Whatever, I loaded an older backup and I'm playing with that one now.

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After I added the Siege at Firemoth plugin to my PC version, I noticed that the prices for the silt strider and Mage Guild teleportation have increased by multiples of 4, say 11gp to 40gp.
Has anybody else experienced this?

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Bring back DR. PROTON !!!!

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TNG: it starts off slow and ends with a glorious bang.
TOS's was alright and unique and the first version of Enterprise's theme was okay.
Hey, where's TAS's theme

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Cake, yum, yum!

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I'd like to see this!

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Maybe one of your RAM sockets are damaged.
I had a similar problem with an older mobo when I was snapping RAM modules back in. I grounded myself to prevent static discharge but I forgot to unplug the mobo from the PSU. Now one RAM module is 30%–60% its original size and one socket is dead.
If you have it under warranty bring it to a shop.

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Not, but I wouldn't mind a LAN party every now and then for some old games.