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Storywise I should capture an Outsider (not sure about the name?!). Timewise I am into the fourth month and shot my first (tiny) big UFO.

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Well, it's not classic XCOM at all and the maps are as tiny as I expected. Didn't see one exception.

But as long as I treat it as a new franchise it is quite entertaining. Best comparison so far would be Warhammer Dawn of War II. And I liked that game a lot.

If you don't know what the fuck XCOM UFO Defense is, then you might have a pretty enjoyable time coming.

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@Dredlockz: Thanks for the advice. I will probably read those reviews, but all I can see on the screenshots are tiny maps...

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Why do you consider "don't like their game that much" as being over dramatic? I am not sitting here in rage and sadness. In opposite to the majority of the guys here I only take serious what has actually been shown to me. And I didn't see a map that fits the proportions I expected.

One guy asked sarcastically if I liked the cruise-ship missions in terror from the deep... I loved them, because the suspense didn't come from an engine spawning aliens into a tiny environment after a trigger was activated. The suspense came from huge numbers of aliens being on a large map looking for me and killing civilians as I proceeded. You could be surprised, you could come late, but you could master such a map by a swift tactical approach. That was a satisfying feeling.

It's not being dramatic, it's sharing opinions and experiences with othe prople who might care.

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The opinions shown in this thread indicate that Firaxis doesn't need to worry about the fact that I don't like their game that much any more.

Anyways, it was nice to see that other people hoped for old XCOM with modern graphics as well.

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The fact that Dragon Age II disappointed me on a whole new level might be fuelling my skepticism about this game.

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I saw ingame footage and the game is not what I want in an XCOM game. It's almost impossible that the things that I didn't see yet can make up for the stuff I saw.

There is no reason for them to show only tiny maps with crap like respawning aliens, civilians that just disappear into thin air if you walk next to them or stupid bomb diffusions if they had huge ones with more "realism" to show...

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Simply put: everyone who played the original has had their own experience and their own favorite things about the game.

I liked the scope of the missions and the general feeling of being part of an epic global conflict.

The missions they showed on the quick look were always on tiny maps. Those were small, irrelevant skirmishes, not battles.

I loved scouting through a village, checking each and every house for aliens. I loved the gigantic four-story alien vessels, that were very difficult to shoot down and had tons of aliens on board even after it crashed and you started to clear the site.

Firaxis reduced the scope and therefore kind of dumbed it down for me. Why can't people just recreate an old game by updating the graphics and keeping the core intact? Why did Firaxis have to build ridiculously and insultingly dumb missions like "disarm the bomb" with respawning (!!!) aliens that fall from the sky?

Anyways, the quick look confronted my dreams about this game with reality and I guess I have to be thankful for that..

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At least the only remaining review gave the game 2.5 stars. That seems about allright.

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So I was just reading about the announcement of Dragon Age III which reminded me of what a huge disappointment Dragon Age II was.

I wanted to check back on my rather detailed review about the game, but I found that it's gone. Not only my review about Dragon Age II is gone, but almost all of them.

Did I miss a huge database reset or why are those reviews missing?

All that's left is the anchor in my profile's review section:

A good game but a sad sequel... ()