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Wow, great article @patrickklepek. This is a situation that just keeps getting weirder and weirder. How has this affected Giant Bomb and hosting Quick Look videos on YouTube?

It seems like the next step in the evolution to circumvent the copyright issues based on monetization on the total number of views on videos is to create a business model of paid subscribers. It seems like YouTube will create a business model around the personalities and hosts. Instead of "free" money based on the total number of views (which is the contentious part), subscribers pay $2 for channel access for the personality and their opinion. It doesn't matter then if the video gets 2 million or 15 million views, the monetization is for the personality and opinion, not the gameplay footage/gameplay music.

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Episode 2 was shipped in the Orange Box. Maybe Episode 3 shipped with the Steam box?

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Canadian Assault soldier Gary "Gonzo" Reynolds, and an assault soldier from Japan, who had wicked mutton chops and was given the nickname "Wolverine". What a champ!

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I fully back the opinion of Giantbomb's decision to name this GOTY. XCOM has been some of the best gaming I have done in the last year. It's crazy! XCOM is your own story. I have my battle stories that no one else could have experienced. It's tough, tension is high during squad missions, and every mistake is costly. The war story I have of the sacrifice of my favourite Canadian soldier Gary "Gonzo" Reynolds, defeating two cyber disks was just incredible. I was so disheartened when he died but getting through that mission was way more important overall if I didn't want to lose Germany. I thought that would be the only highlight but that first alien base mission takes the cake so far. I can't believe everyone made it out alive and the cutscene applause of my achievement gave me goosebumps. Biggest sigh of relief. The "story" in XCOM is a catalyst for your own journey.

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  • Had Christa Cut my arm off - I did it to make the rest of the group feel comfortable around me (1 armed zombie is easier to handle when I would inevitably turn). It also showed how desperate I was to the rest of the group and how far I was willing to self sacrifice myself for Clementine. That's why I was so relieved Kenny manned up and sacrifice himself to save Christa. It Personally felt like that relationship went full circle with Kenny. I tapped danced to his tune the entire time and he still abandoned me when going after Vernon. Watching him own up to his own words made the act of cutting off my arm all worth it.
  • Didn't lose my temper - Kenny was being a real jerk the whole time. I never fought him, I never argued with him, and I wasn't about to get violent over what was really inevitable. It was just wasting precious time for myself and wanted to get him to see that. I had a bad feeling that if I picked up the bust and smacked him, it was only going to delay escaping the attic even longer.
  • Surrendered my weapons - nothing good ever came out of lying. Being honest has always paid off. People have always been more reasonable when I treated them like a proper person.
  • I didn't kill the stranger - After watching how horrified Clementine was when I stabbed the St. John boy in the chest with the pitchfork, I never wanted her to see me kill again. It was also a relief seeing her do the deed herself because now she can understand that even though he was human, there was a danger and needed to be dealt with. It made me feel better about brutally stabbing the St. John brother. Glad to see her grow up in such a dark time.
  • Stopped Lee from turning - I wanted to help Clementine as long as possible. However, she had to learn that nothing was safe or perfect and that the worst can happen at any time. Having her kill me closed the loop and allowed her to survive knowing my fate instead of wondering what happened. Just like her parents. She would not accept they were dead, until she saw for herself. Because of that it ultimately lead to me getting bitten.

My favourite moment of Episode 5 was the decision to tell Clementine to handcuff me to the heater. The consequence of that lead to an absolute hilarious situation where as soon as the zombie got loose and there was a quick shot of Lee's face, I had the EXACT stare of "Holy shit, WTF!" I still tried to grab the bat with my hand even though I knew I was handcuffed. I panicked so much because all I could think of is I'm completely helpless, that the zombie ended up eating Clementine. Those screams were AWFUL! If the game ended there, that would have been amazing. It would have played out like Heavy Rain: REAL CONSEQUENCES involving death. I sat motionless at that death screen because after EVERYTHING I had been through to protect Clementine, I fucked it all up to watch her die in the WORST way possible, right infront of my eyes.

Fortunately, I was able to replay the sequence again and had her shoot me.

Great closure. I really felt like I legitimately was Lee and all my feelings and choices were emulated through Lee. His anger was my anger, his sorrow was my sorrow.

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After reading the Naughty Dog Blog post on what they did differently for the combat it makes sense why I had such a hard time with the combat. I loved Uncharted 2 and my experience with it was flawless. I was very excited to play 3 but my experienced became so soured with the shooting combat and it broke my experience. There was just something "different" that changed it enough that suddenly it was harder even though it shouldn't be. I didn't mind that the AI is quite aggressive. But the problem I had was they were too good quickly vs the time it took for me to line up head shots. At a certain point I gave up playing the game on Normal to put it on Easy so the experience could just continue.

It's the recoil of the guns that throws everything off. It's explained in the blog post that Uncharted 2 did not have recoil but the bullets were not 100% accurate. It was a smoother combat experience personally because you line it up and shoot. That also meant you use guns that you discover have more accuracy. Uncharted 3 is continuously finicky with the reticle because you have to compensate for the targeting recoil. That meant it took longer to take out enemies, meant you were exposed for much longer in the open when aiming, allowed more time for enemies to flank and in general made the combat harder.

In the end, I'm disappointed my first playthrough was not smooth and enjoyable for such a scripted game the way the developer intended it. I wish my first experience was essentially that. If I wanted harder combat, I would have put it on hard. I was disappointed that I had that experience on Normal, which I play every game.

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What's interesting is watching all the fanboys and trolls commenting on this one post. Basically fanboys exist because of their insecurities of owning an 360 than a PS3 and vice versa. Do they really have to justify why they bought whatever system so badly?? Killzone 2 is not a flop. In relation to PS3 sales its been a hit, most reviewers have reviewed this game saying this is the must own for a PS3 owner. It's not the best shooter out their but it is fun to play none the less. Same with Halo 3. It's fun but it wasn't as awesome as the original. Everyone has their own difference of opinion on multipayer. But in terms of owning a PS3, this is a different scene for players to enjoy a simply gorgeous game. Not the greatest but a decent one. Nothing to be insecure about owning Killzone 2. It's a miracle it actually was released. Besides, multiplayer gaming is on the PC for free.

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What a waste of a development team. This sort of talent could have been used more wisely. Apple should stick with casual games on cell phones.

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After just finishing the game, the ending has left me satisfied and hungry for more. For all the theories mentioned here, I really think that their next mission will be to search out Ormazd. Something that was done right about the game was that you were never really spoon fed plot elements or character development. That's something that was brilliant because it was the onus on the gamer to discover who the Prince was through speaking casually with Elika. At one point I thought I had the story figured out: It was the conversation I believe after defeating the Concubine something mentioning that the Prince wants a tower with perhaps an inscription and Elika mentions something about him being able to have it all. Pretty vague but it got me thinking ahh perhaps this is how everything somewhat gets tied together. It never mentions that he is of any nobility and his parents died fighting in someone else's war and that's the last thing he wants to do. It doesn't seem like he is any Prince but he may assume the role of Nobility later on. So it seems important that Elika is still around as the love interest because that is his pathway to assuming the proper title. So, besidse that theory of how he is aptly names Prince, the way ubisoft decided to end this game was genius. The "visions" seen by the Prince through Elika didn't make sense only until the death of Elika. The point he loses Elika when she selflessly sacrifices herslef to save the dead kingdom the Prince felt like he lost something precious for the first time. Even if he didn't want to care, he did. Carrying her body across the long hall with the credits rolling was genius to. The end of the game occures at that moment. There is the necessary closure. But it's also quite. No fanfare, no epic music to go along with the conclusion. Just the Prince slowly walking with the body of Elika to the alter. You also can't make him say anything at this point. No smart remarks, can't comment about the situation. Then all the whispering happens which is presumably all his thoughts about what had transpired and the one that stood out the most was the cryptic messages of the Concubine who said "Elika has poisoned his mind". Elika never made a comment about this and he didn't understand but what happened at the end is precisly what she was talking about. The Prince all throughout the story is a smart ass jerk who really just wants to get out of there and would never have done what he did at the end of the game if Elika never died. Actually if Elika was never present in the story, he would never have sacrificed all you did in the game to just undo it all. It was her presence and Love that "poisoned" him into making his first hard decision which may or may not be what she wanted.

So the next game is probably going to be about change. Now, I also believe that it will be involving the search for Ormazd because he as a God is the only one that could stop Ahriman. See the Prince all cocky and what not thought he could do it. In the end he did, but it cost him what was most dear and to deal with the dread of that he had to release him proving that he was wrong. Now, at first he jokes about Ormazd and how flawed he is that he ran away and abandoned his people. He seems like yeah sure whatever, bedtime stories are neat ways to keep kids being good. It's like the idea of the Religion as the Prince put it was not true. But something about the end just made it seem like a reality that no man could defeat him and it is the power of Ormazd that is the only one who could lock him away for good.

Now I also disagree that the Prince sold his soul. He never talked face to face with Ahriman like what Elika's father did. Her father specifically stated that "it is you know what I ask". The Prince knew it was possible to resurrect Elika without ever asking the dark god of evil. He was able to skip the part where you sell your soul to the devil for a doughnut but instead just raid the Devil's bakery. He simply realized that the only way to keep in Ahriman imprisoned was the power of Ormazd that Elika possesed but gave away to the tree. Well give it back means undoing everything which he did to give her back the light. So the only way that it could trully be achieved is getting Ormazd to do it.

I do beleive that the first game is where the tradgedy occurs. That simply the way the game end. What you do after the credits is the prologue to the next game. What ubisoft should do is flesh out more of the character development, have Elika go through some sort of depression and now it is the Prince who assumes command. Elika is now just there to help the Prince out rather than being the one helping out Elika take back her kingdom. Because the Prince's actions who porves how much he cared about Elika, she has to admit there is nothing she can do without Ormazd. I believe the prince at this point would take her word for it. Unless the ultimate tradgedy is that at the end of the third game, the Prince dies so that Elika's Kingdom could be once more.