Rolling with the British Tank

British Tank Medium Mark 1

British tanks, aye?

Finally, I opened the door to my garage in the World of Tank SEA after months of letting dust settled on my ladies.Got a present once I arrived, *whistle*. Isn't she a beauty?

I took cover behind the low walls to protect my wheels, remembering the harsh trainings back in the ole days. Targets been popping out in the wide open and I zero-ed in. Leaving the unlucky one to be blown up.

The turret is as slow as a snail doing a U-turn, however, the accuracy makes up for it. Enemy saw their mistake, and took cover under our hails of explosives. As I move in... Ting, ting, ting!~ My crew was in panic as rounds penetrated through the armour. Apparently, this lady is big in size, but has thin armour. Nevertheless, I lost 19 HP out of my 130 HP from the machine gunfire. I took cover behind the nearby house and hid behind the bushes to find the one who took a pot-shot at me.

Seems he covered himself well enough from our prying eyes. Oh hey! A target just popped up! Lined up my turret and, sent my shell flying into the armour

I waited for the reticles to zero in... and I sent in the second shell and it went wide. I was too impatient and fire before the turret are able to secure 75% of the shot, and my chaps got him. Sigh.... there's goes my kill.

I could not accurately give any more shots, so I went in further with my chaps. We were feasting on them and left no one alive. As the enemy has their tanks narrowed down to last four.

.... You got my boy didn't yeah?

We lost one chap there. And we sought for revenge. LEAVE NO TANKS WORKING

Victory is served!

Now, I'm found myself enjoying a cup of British tea with my fellow crew at the tank depot, cheering over our first battle with a British tank. I realise that I have enough brains for upgrading to another tier. Well these boys have to go with the tank. I have no more room in the barracks for inexperienced chaps. Secretly, I contact HQ and request for an promotion. I was granted with 3 choices.... which one should I pick?


A small lil footstep into the Gaming Community


I just cruising around the outskirts, and found this town. So I went around snooping and found out this town to be quite a lively one! So I slammed the doors to the mayor's office, to get me signed up to be a citizen~ I am from SEA (South East Asia), Singapore and the name's Moosey. Nice to meet y'all and I hope that I will be welcomed to cruise around this streets.

It's not the first for me to be in a interactive site, although, I had a pretty rough time when I was spending my time there. So, I'm not so new in this kind of community. But hey! I am not a troll if y'all thinking! I'm just a typical Asian kid having games as his leisure time, yo! Please take care of me! I may bite but it's not painful~ When I'm in rage, I will say to myself this words.. "All is well" quoted from an Indian-comedy-musical movie, 3 idiots. An inspiring film to watch, if you have about 2.5 hours to spend ;) but... don't test my patience~ hehe.

I currently studying under Engineering, which is complete bore to me at the moment. Sigh

To be quite honest, I have a tendency to leave a quite sudden conclusion and ending off quite abruptly. Please guide me to conclude properly! Right now, I'm trying my best to end it off nicely... which I feel it's a fail. Pushing the failure apart, my nickname is Moosey and I am from Singapore. Please to meet you and please take care of me!

UPDATE: Since there's another Moosey, I can be called as Mus. ^^

MooseyMus cruising off~