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It's definitely a bummer, especially since I just got back into buying Nintendo stuff in a big way last year. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to get something good, I have almost 700 Club Coins.

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Well, I know it's not what you mean, but The Phantom Pain is going to be a big blockbuster game set in the 80s.

But it's not really the 80s since there are mechs and holographic smartphones and cyborg arms.

But there's a mercenary group named after a David Bowie album/song. If you think that game isn't going to have a lot of 80s references and stuff in it, then I think you're mistaken. Kojima even said at one point that they had been working on a filter for the game that would make it look more like an 80s movie, but they weren't going to put it in the game because it detracted from the experience, or something.

Kojima loves pop culture, and he loves 80s movies and things. Again, it's not really what the original post was about, but it'll have some of that in there.

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Well, I know it's not what you mean, but The Phantom Pain is going to be a big blockbuster game set in the 80s.

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I tried watching an episode of The Walking Dead once, and hated it, so this sounds like it's for me.

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@hippie_genocide: You're right, Irish was pretty all right as a character. And the game does explain more than I gave it credit for, I was exaggerating for effect. I still don't think it explains enough for me to have fully understood what was going on. That or it's presented in a way that made it easy to miss a vital piece of information.

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I liked Brutal Legend a lot! It still has my favorite licensed soundtrack of all time. I don't have anything else to say right now.

@corevi What? That was the one song in that game that I couldn't stand at all! Musical taste, huh?

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I think it's pretty ridiculous. I had been thinking about getting one, but now I don't think I will, just on principle alone!

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Well, I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2, because it was $10 and I've never played it before. And it's pretty clear that Nintendo did absolutely no work to make it look any better, so it looks kinda awful in SD. If you're going to get it, I'd say do it before it goes back to full price in a week because for $20 the game should be at least slightly unrezzed or something.