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I imagine this'll be a case where it'll have my old name (Brett) but it won't have my new one (Charlize), so that'll be...I dunno.

I've long complained about how games like Mass Effect never have anyone refer to your character by their first name, so I do think this is pretty neat. But, I think the long term eventual solution to problems like this will be some sort of Miku-like voice synthesizer. Once the tech gets good enough that it doesn't sound like robots.

Also, let's hope the names aren't gendered (ie, only some names can be used by male characters, only some by female).

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I hope you have lots of fun! :D

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@cjduke: What version are you playing? If it's PS4, we should fight some time. You'll likely win.

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Tropical Freeze is another really good one that hasn't been mentioned yet. Aside from that, I think all the good ones that I've played have been mentioned (though I will re-emphasize Bayonetta 2).

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@bluefish said:
@yesiamaduck said:

I don't understand people who can't see the objectives in hohokum, they are pretty clear and simple... such as fill the beehive with honey or light all the circles to progress.

Yea, people seem really ready to write it off when it's pretty straight forward in most ways. You just have to poke around a bit.

My main problem with it is that I get sorta stuck in a handful of zones and can't find my way to zones I haven't been to. I just keep going in circles, which is frustrating.

It's not even that so much as I just didn't see the point? It's hard to explain, but there was just something about the game that was rubbing me the wrong way. I could tell that I wasn't enjoying what I had played of it, and I didn't think it was worth my time to keep playing to see if I would enjoy it more. But who knows, maybe someday I'll change my mind and give it more of a shot.

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Wow! Great work! :D

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@artelinarose: I'll get back to it as soon as they fix that pesky quest XP bug!

Thank you, though. <3 I can't tell you enough how much your help has meant to me. I owe you a whole lot. :D

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I played this game! I remember kinda liking it! Well, actually, I played the N64 version.

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Thanks for including my work, as always!

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Neato! Austin's a great writer, and about the best pick they could have picked! Glad to welcome you, Austin! :D