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@humanity: Yup. Though, there's plenty of barechested men, and Raiden's the only one to be fully nude, so I'm not going to call the series sexist or anything. #EqualityInUnderDressedCharacters

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@corruptedevil: No joke, I think he's the best racer (in terms of overall stats) in Mario Kart 8. I got really into trying to be good at that game to best an internet friend at it.

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@corruptedevil: Me too, but given all the deception around the marketing for the game (the whole Moby Dick Studio thing), I'm thinking there will be some sort of twist. I'd rather it be something like, I dunno, Ocelot turning heel for the 40th time but then was really not a heel. Know what I mean? Something less drastic than, "You were really this other guy this whole time!"

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@corruptedevil: THAT SHADOW THOUGH. And the Grey Fox bust appears behind Kojima in his Japanese live stream videos! It all makes sense, MAN.

Actually, I really hope that isn't what the big plot twist in the game is. I wouldn't be surprised though, because Grey Fox does have so many fans, and it seems like something Kojima would do to me. But I hope that's not the case, I'm not a huge Grey Fox fan.

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@humanity: You mention The Boss as a good female character (she is) in the same paragraph as you say that not every female character in MGSV will appear in a bikini top.

I'm pretty sure the last time you see her in MGS3, her sneaking suit is open so you can see quite a lot of her chest. Just saying.

That said, I do agree with your point, just thought I would remind you that, in fact, most MGS female characters have actually appeared in some sort of swimwear or underwear top at some point. Hell, Peace Walker had a model viewer for all of its female characters, including swimwear alternate outfits for them.

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Forget both of those guys, Waluigi is the real good guy.

These words are the truth.

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@vaad616: No, it's not going to be Hayter voicing Big Boss in MGSV. First off, it doesn't make much sense to hire Kiefer at all for a stupid joke, and second, this isn't the first time Big Boss was voiced by someone else. In MGS2 Solidus Snake (the "perfect clone" of Big Boss) was voiced by someone else, and in MGS4 Big Boss had a different voice actor. And then there's the facial animations thing, which if you'll notice, Kiefer's face looks a hell of a lot more like Big Boss's than Hayter's does.

Now, if you want to talk about some crazy theory where Kiefer is actually playing a different character and Big Boss Hayter will return in a plot twist later in the game...I'm listening.

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Given that it's set in the 80s, I doubt the answer will actually be nanomachines. For once, I mean.

But yeah, looks like there's some cool stuff with Quiet in the game. I'm hoping she's not the only ally that you can call in for help mid-mission. It'd be really neat if you get the bosses from the original Metal Gear (Like Dirty Duck) as characters you can call in, and they all provide some different form of support. That would be rad.

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I'm happy for you! :D

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@thephantomstranger: I just don't understand how his shadow doesn't have hair! MGS2 Snake's shadow had hair! It's driving me nuts!