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I still like the dialog wheel.

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No way, America hats or nothing.

Just kidding Merry Christmas yo. :D

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@do_the_manta_ray: Bombers Sans Frontiers is really good! It abbreviates to BSF, which would be a good clan tag!

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@n7: The first things that come to mind are plays on "Outer Heaven." First I was being egotistical, and trying to work "Moose" in there, but if it'll end up being a Giant Bomb thing, it should be GB related. Bomber Heaven? Or maybe something related to one of the staff members? Taswel's Patriots? I dunno, plenty of time to think of something good before the game is out.

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I think she's the only way to get the jar of bees grenade, so yes.

I don't like her either, but I sure like throwing JARS OF BEES at my enemies.

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Seems like a weird justification on Apple's part.

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I'm still really excited for this. Really, just being able to play with other people with the mechanics of MGSV is enough for me.

Also, anyone that wants to join my inevitable MGO3 clan (or PMC or whatever the in game term is, assuming it has one), you can feel free too! I might as well start talking about it now so it can be the Unofficial Official Giant Bomb one. No one else is planning on doing that right now, right?

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They shouldn't have done that.

I'm still glad I stopped playing this game. It's abusive.

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Big Boss invented AXE body spray in the 1970's. Anything is possible.

Also Doritos and Mountain Dew. But only in the Japanese version.

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@flstyle said:

TL;DR version

This Metal Gear fanboy lacks the ability to tell the difference between canon and non-canon content in Metal Gear Solid games and has made a nonsensical theory regarding Raiden time-travelling through different parts of the Metal Gear timeline based off of non-canon content.

I'm one of the biggest supporters of Metal Gear lore on this website and even I can tell when someone is going too far.

Thank you for summarizing that so I didn't have to actually read it.

Also I agree. There's no time travel in Metal Gear.