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It was very amazing. Good on him! :D

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@corevi said:

You missed the best PS+ game this month, Yakuza 4.

Well, yes and no. I did indeed forget to mention Yakuza 4, but that's because I bought it on disc and played it several years ago. Same reason I didn't mention Transistor. Already played it.

But yes, Yakuza 4 is a great game that I recommend. Same with Transistor.

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I'm sure it'll be a fun little thing to play in a year or two when it's free on PlayStation Plus.

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"Vinny works his lazy but skilled chef, Ron, to the bone while flipping over vehicles and giving away his money to shady politicians and the mafia until he reaches a point where he can no longer take out any more loans and is forced into game over bankruptcy."

One of the best sentences I've ever read.

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I'm actually going this year, and I'm super excited!

Even if I'll be missing the GB Panel because I didn't get a Friday pass and assorted transportation things stopping me from getting to Boston on that Friday.

Still though!

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@believer258: I've played Battlefront (or maybe the second one) on PS2 exactly once, and it was like a year or two ago, and I thought it was not very good.

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Patrick might have, and mentioned it on one of the Bombin' videos? Or maybe he talked about wanting to play it? I dunno.

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@corevi: I'd rather it be the big scripted one, because slapdash missions against AI on multiplayer maps does not sound appealing at all! And a Titanfall style "campaign" against other people doesn't sound fun either. Well, I mean, if the core game play is fun, then it'd be fun to play, but that style of campaign doesn't sound appealing to me.

I know MAG was 256 players, but MAG was kinda outdated in terms of graphical fidelity even when it came out. With DICE making the game, and using their Frostbite engine, I really doubt they could get something that looks nice running with 128 players on the consoles. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I'm skeptical at this point in time (especially after it took so long to get Battlefield 4 working).

I guess, that's the other thing. Do we trust DICE to have a game that can work with that many players at once? And I mean at launch, not half a year later.

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The thing in there I find hardest to believe is the 64 players per side (128 total). Not that games haven't done that (and more than that) before, I'm just skeptical they would get that working on the consoles because [insert comment about underpowered consoles here.] Maybe for the PC version.

Other than that, that stuff all sounds plausible in a way that seems like this could be true, or someone just making plausible guesses. It'd be nice if it was true, if they could make a good/lengthy campaign that spans the entire Star Wars saga (not counting the new movies), then that'd be rad. Not that I expect Dice (or whichever segment of Dice this is) to be able to do that, mind you.

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Thanks, as always, for featuring my work! And good job. :D