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@jjweatherman: I really want to play Ori and that Skylines game, but sadly I don't have anything that can play either (my PC sucks).

@cjduke One time I entered a mission midway in and accidentally destroyed someone's mech, and I felt real sad. But they were nice and we still finished the mission.

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ACK! Sorry I forgot to link to my blog, but I see you found it. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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I forget if you hugged me or not. I am not the biggest hugger.

Hm....I'm not sure if we did either! Curse you, brain!

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@yummylee: Yeah, it's definitely pretty easy to lose your cool in moments like that. But everyone I met was totally cool, so it wasn't a problem. But hopefully next time it'll be a little easier.

@pyromagnestir: We'll see! A lot can happen in a year, who knows what'll happen?!

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@pyromagnestir: Next year I'm gonna give you a big ole hug, whether you want it or not! :D

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@joshwent: Swery seems like he can understand English pretty well, but not speak it as well, but well enough that I could talk to him. I don't think he had an interpreter there, at least at that specific moment. Still very nice though!


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My money's on Indie Love Coalition! <3

Also, soooooooooo excited I'm going to be able to see it live and in person this year! :D

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I'm going to Pax East, but not to the GB panel. Granted, that has more to do with my not being able to get to Pax until Saturday, but I digress. Good points nonetheless!

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@nightriff: Yeah, you need to play PW if you want to understand what's going on in GZ and MGSV proper. At least in terms of some of the set up, BB's relationship with Kaz, etc. Plus, it's just a good MGS story in its own right.