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@wolf3: If you want I can move it to the Kingdom Hearts franchise page, but I don't think general discussion is the right one for a Kingdom Hearts related topic.

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I deleted the other thread, since it seemed to be basically the same, and moved this one to the appropriate forum.

Please don't double post things in the future, and try to post them to the correct forums.

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Well, looks like I'll finally be playing Binding of Isaac and Luftrausers. Already played Steamworld Dig, so that one's kinda useless to me, but it's a great game that people should play!

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Well, guess that's the final nail in the coffin of my interest in #DRIVECLUB. It's too bad, too, because I was genuinely kinda interested in this game at one point.

Oh well. If they do ever put out the free version, I might still give it a shot. Maybe, I dunno.

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@isomeri: It might be like the Destiny Beta on PS4 where Sony sent everyone codes a day into it, so people got access, just not as long as everyone else. But I don't know!

Either way, if I do find my way into the Alpha, I'll try to get in and play some.

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I could have sworn I saw somewhere that everyone with PS+ was gonna be able to get in on this. It's also possible that I dreamed it.

Either way, I don't have a code or anything yet. Oh well!

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I'm afraid a single sentence, a link, and a frowny face aren't really enough to justify an entire thread. So, I've locked this. In the future, please try to write a decent amount of text to help start a discussion. A link isn't really enough to do that.

Have a nice day.

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@yummylee: I got faith in KojiPro. If they say 1080P 60FPS, I believe them. Because if we know anything, it's that Kojima is trustworthy.

Then again, there's still last gen versions of that game coming, so maybe it's not really as advanced and pushing the hardware like we think it is.

Then again again, I read that Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain on PC will support 4K resolutions, so maybe they're just madmen there. MADMEN!

Still wish I had the money for a good PC, though.

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@yummylee said:

Man, it fucking depresses me to see that there are games that are already having trouble sticking to a solid 30... Like, that should be the priority -- fuck the resolution or whatever. But as always graphics > performance as far as most developers seemed to be concerned, so...

This is what we get for buying affordable consoles instead of dropping several grand for high end PCs.

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I've had some issues too. I had mine stop working properly a couple times when trying to share play, and that same issue with Rest Mode. Hopefully they fix this stuff up soon.