Games I have played from 2013 that are better than Brothers.

I may have missed something.

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Posted by falserelic

Yeah, that Brothers game does look boring, but good list overall. I actually finished playing ShadowFall on my ps4 afew days ago. It was pretty damn fun though I didn't like the ending too much.

Posted by Slag

You'd be hard pressed to find 100 games better than Brothers

Edited by VintAge68

This is the first time that someone says Brothers wasn't good--I did just buy (but not yet play) the game.

Good list, though, albeit it surprises me to find Dust 514 here.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

@vintage68: I couldn't remember if the official final release of that was last year, or if it was 2012 after the beta.

Anyway, the joke was that I put every non-Brothers game from 2013 that I played on this list, even if it wasn't very good. Not that Dust 514 is bad, per say, it's just a mediocre FPS with free to play-ness.