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Posted by CJduke

Probably the most interesting list I have ever seen. I have only played two of these games (Mass Effect and Donkey Kong 64)

Posted by AngelN7

Those are some great picks No More Heroes, Mass Effect and Super Smash Bros would definetively be consider for top 10 games on my list if I ever do one, hell Twilight Princess is also one of my favorite Zelda games , but Banjo Tooie over Kazooie? ... well you get transformed into a Dinosaur in one of the levels of BT so I guess that's valid.

Posted by Sinclose

Those are terrific picks. I just finished MGS4 less than an hour ago, and I can easily see why you adore it so much.

On my first playthrough though, I aimed for a 'no alarm' run. Accomplishing that made me wonder how come so many people are so utterly convinced MGS4 is a 'disguised shooter' when it gives you more than enough tools to play stealthily as well as play it like a shooter if you so wish.

Terrific game and great list overall.