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Bits of info:

#1: The game is supposedly first-party (SCEA), which is proven by the existence of the ant trailer (from their website) on their database There's also tons more theory on where this is coming from on a NEOGAF thread- which is crazy.

#2: That ants in that trailer aren't just random ants, they have cordyceps... just watch the video it's taken from:

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Geoff Keighley is presenting some pretty insane hyperbole on this. Really hope it's that awesome.

EDIT: YouTube tags for the trailer: "cordyceps" "humanity" "end of civilisation" "martial law" "survival" "riots"

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A mix of 2D and 3D Mario? I like where this is heading.

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Ubisoft's stalker finally got a job!

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Right, I think I'm ready to give this another shot. This time I think they look... alright.

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It's like I Love Mondays, but now every day is Monday! 
Needless to say, I dig it.
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There are so many other, bigger things about the storyline you could be spoiled by other than that. That isn't a spoiler at all. (I actually went into the ending knowing that title, still the best / most surprising ending of a game I've ever played).  
P.S. Kotaku ... lol

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There's my night gone.. *hope you like them* [EDIT - Updated versions on page 6]

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@Chavtheworld: THAT WAS ME WHO DID THAT! Thanks again, btw.
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I guess... pick me? Would that be cool bro? If you're OK, I'm OK.

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