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I really wish I wasn't reading shit on this forum that involves people justifying hacking and slander because of one sided personal grudges with people you don't even know.

But unfortunately, I am. And it just makes me incredibly sad.

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Butt mode is the only one that changes the dialog. A majority of them are progression and starting with items and upgrades, but there are a handful that change up the game pretty drastically. Moon jumps, turning every surface into ice, making Butt Butt Shovel Knight gigantic and changing his hitbox to compensate, being able to pogo on every surface (ducktales mode?)

The doc has descriptions of what most of the codes do. The ones that have nothing haven't been tested past the first few screens yet.

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For those who didn't know, Shovel Knight has a bunch of codes hidden in it that you enter as your name when starting a new file (similar to Castlevania 3 and SOTN). Some are slowly being revealed over time, but putting nothing past the internet, people have already tried endless combinations and found nearly 320 different code permutations on their own. They're worth trying out, especially if you've finished the game and you're craving more.

I highly recommend "Butt Mode," specifically for moments like this:

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Kind of not surprised at the last two pokemon character reveals. Mega Charizard X sort of became the poster Pokemon for Mega Evolution, and Greninja, though out of left field, makes sense with them making one of the current Gen Pokemon playable.

What I'm most surprised about is that Smash 4 has way more fighting game elements than previous games. Specifically, way more influence from anime games. Doll character? Check. Character that uses items that are on a set rotation this time so you can manipulate it easier? Check. All it needs is air dashes, though I guess those are covered with some of the Up+B moves. Anime!

Characters I don't see making a return: Ice Climbers, Ike, Snake, Lucas, Metaknight

Characters that are guaranteed to be included: Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Ness, Wario, Mr. Game and Watch

Characters I want to see: Pushmo and Wind Waker Ganondorf. Hell, I can deal with Pushmo being an assist trophy but I really don't want Falcon clone Ganondorf anymore, and Wind Waker Ganondorf is hella cool and makes sense with Wind Waker HD being released.

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@aegon: Dead on the inside until I saw all the Megamans.

Two hours and counting and I still have a huge grin on my face and might be shaking violently waiting for the game to come out right now. Seriously, the only way they can top that for me is if Nintendo comes out and says "also we're buying the Megaman IP and making more megamans."

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You win Nintendo. I'm fucking sold.

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Dark Souls 1: Praise the sun!

Dark Souls 2:


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When they showed Megaman I was all like "come on, Nintendo! This was seen from miles away!"

Then they showed gameplay and almost all of his animations were of the NES sprite behavior.

My heart grew three sizes today and they sold me on buying the new Smash Bros. GG Nintendo.

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Did somebody make a .gif of Video James' unhinged jaw yet? Because I really want a gif of that.

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