How I feel about Dark Souls: Coming Soon!

I'm going to be writing up a probably pretty hefty blog post about my experience as a fresh faced Dark Souls player. I'd basically played enough to get the feel of things on various visits with the gang and the like, but the PC version is the first time I've owned or really seriously played the game, and I feel like it's important to measure this game over time, because I am honestly a little sick of people insisting I'm wrong about this thing or that being a lot less "fair in it's difficulty" than a lot would say everything in Dark Souls is, just because they did it 30 times in a single night working on whatever 4chan joke build they were making.

But man, it's really getting it's hooks into me. I get really into it for a lengthy play session, and then something comes along that I just don't want to deal with that night and I move on to other things until the next day, work through my frustration (sometimes to the game's fault, sometimes just 'cause it's pretty hard), and get back into it. I'm not following any builds or anything, but I am getting occasional help from friend on Skype, when we're chatting in there.

I also can't get any phantoms into my world other than the NPCs, probably because ports are a thing that are awful, so that's been frustrating, especially seeing how easy something like the Gargoyles or Capra were with human help (very). It was fun to help out my buddy but it's a bummer that I don't seem to be able to get help in return.

Anyway, that'll be going up soon. Feel free to put any thing you'd like to get my opinion on or cover in the comments.