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The header on this post promised a "short rant." What I got was eleven paragraphs, all of them circling but never arriving at a central point.

I now feel more jaded and disillusioned than ever.

Most of those "paragraphs" were like a sentence long.

Fuck, it's a good thing gamers aren't about as good at running as they are about reading or they'd all be a bunch of fat lazy slobs because they think a few 3 minute runs a day will kill them.

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@seppli said:

I am not a gamer, I am a games enthusiast. So there.

I'd like to think of us as connoisseurs.

We would also have accepted aficionados.

Okay, if we can legitimately replace "gamer" with video game connoisseurs and aficionados, I will 100% jump on the hate train on "gamer."

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@theht: Damn, you're still convinced it was the focus? Oi-vey.

@bribo said:

@mordeaniischaos: Sony's reveal was better.

Yeah, it totally was.

They decided to reveal their console as 'the center of the living room' rather than a gaming console. That says a lot about how they see their own device, and how they would like others to see it.

I think the general complaint follows this logic, and no amount of fore-warning changes things.

"It does other things, that must threaten my life style!"

If you don't like it... Get a PS4! That thing looks pretty wicked awesome. Or... sounds? I guess we don't know what looks like, but it seems like it's going to be pretty great.

@levio said:

@mordeaniischaos: Some people are still under the delusion that game companies exist in order to entertain players and not explicitly to make profits. These people become confused and enraged very easily.

Game companies? Microsoft isn't a game company, what are you talking about?

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@hungry said:

Your ass sounds so sore over something that doesn't matter that it makes my ass sore. These people want the device to be about games, so they want to hear about games. They don't value the multimedia stuff for it.

Is it so bad that people who only care about the video game part of it are upset that the video game part of it was completely inconsequential to the entire conference? No detailed hardware specifications (which matters to the people who play video games over the other people who would use the Xbox), the games they showed are a bunch of "No shit Sherlock" or "This isn't even telling me anything other than you are just making a video game."

Now I need to go find a way to massage my ass before I get one of those things that make you bleed when you shit. Prostates, I think they call them.

I know this isn't entirely relevant to this thread but I hope you're aware that you can't grow a prostate. It's part of your reproductive system, assuming that you're a male. Hopefully, you aren't confused about your gender as well.

@hungry, don't let The Man keep you down. You can grow as many prostates as anyone else can. I might know somebody who can hook you up with some "grey market" glands to get you started (a friend of a friend, if you know what I mean.) Holla.

I'm glad that I'm continuing to get entertaining tidbits from this thread. I hope other people are enjoying this as much as I am. Only on the internet, I guess.

@connerthekewlkid said:

Not really, but please respond with text next time.

Just for you:

Loading Video...

Hahahahaha, this pretty much sums up my point in a much shorter, more entertaining way. Damn you Will Smith! Always stealing my thunder.

Loading Video...

This would have been even more effective if it actually gave the useful information relayed. It would have been A) a shorter video and B) probably speak even more strongly to how vapid the whole thing was.

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I think it'll just force publishers to start being more pragmatic and realistic. We had a huge boom, but these things always come to an end. The econonmy isn't very strong and that's impacting the bottom line in entertainment. Soon, we'll go back to smaller budgets and everything will be fine.

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@reisz said:
@seppli said:

I am not a gamer, I am a games enthusiast. So there.

Electronic entertainment enthusiast is even classier.


holy shit, what have I assisted in the creation of? It's... it's... it's so beautiful!

To respond to the OP, I think you're missing what it is the commentary was responding to.

MS called a special event that some people FLEW across the country for. It's completely fair for them to comment on whether the show was or was not a waste of time. When MS says "We'll show you the real stuff later", it makes the people who spent company time allocating live feeds, people who flew across the country and people who dedicated time out of their day to watch the event feel like they wasted their time.

Except the said the "later" bit before they flew down. THey could have just said "yeah, no thanks, I know you're just going to live stream it and I don't mind being 3 seconds behind the other live blogs."

@deox said:

You've accomplished absolutely nothing with this rant, other than make yourself look like a complete psychopath.

Everyone already sees me as a blood thirsty crazy man. It also served to get my frustration out in a short burst and now I feel pretty good about the whole thing. Plus, I've managed to have a lot of stuff to respond to, which I always enjoy, and I'm doing in a more "reasonable" manner now.

The difference between this guy's anger and the angry people he's complaining about? He called it a 'rant' first, so it's okay.

Your move, Internet.

Technically, I didn't. I waited till the last possible second. Or did I? I might has copped to it being a rant early on, but I don't think so. Wanted to keep it suspenseful, so you wouldn't really know what it'd be until the very end!

@kpaadet said:

Don Mattrick is that you?

Kill this man. You didn't see anything motherfucker. NOTHIN' YOU HEAR ME?



@jimbo said:

I guess, but what would the value of this thing be if it didn't play games? How much is 'not having to pick up a remote' really worth to people? What they chose to spend most of their time talking about is not the thing that's going to sell this product, or what warrants it costing $400-$500.

As much as they want to put a storefront in every living room, they can't sell a storefront to people. It will always be a games console plus whatever else they decide to make it, not the other way around. It's neat tech, but it's still games that will get it into living rooms in the first place.

People literally pay $200 (sometimes more!) for devices that do everything the Xbox does but without the "core" games that are run by "powerful" hardware. Technically some of those devices also do play games like Angry Birds. So... I guess that's the answer?

@extomar said:

Shesh people acting like they commentators should "shut the hell up" but forget they can simply turn it off. I honestly don't get it.

I can turn that off, sure. But everywhere I look there are people acting like idiots. Even people I know acting like twats! It's like any time anyone mentions Windows 8, and there is a huge collective shit throwing contest in which the internet squats, shits in it's own infinite hands, and throws said shit at each other. Even though Windows 8 is pretty much just a better Windows 7 with a feature that, sure, isn't great, but also isn't offensive and most importantly is never seen if you don't want it because it's not really something you ever need to use.
Also, you can just not read my rant. Yay! Problem solved.

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@andorski said:

I don't understand the argument of "This event was for the public. Why would gamers think this would be for them?" The event was broadcasted on a Tuesday at 10am. Kids are at school. Adults are at work. I believe college students in the semester system are taking finals right now. Quarter system school are still a couple of weeks from finishing. The only way people are going to catch wind of this is through publications covering it. News sites and channels will spit out a single editorial covering the whole thing. The ones focusing on this event the most are tech and gaming sites. Having a non-gaming focus will obviously go bad with gaming editors. Tech editors might enjoy the larger push for entertainment content, but even these guys are clued in enough to see it's lack of gaming focus and will thus make mention of it. This was clearly a rush job on MS's part.

On a side note, is anyone else baffled with MS (and Sony as well) and their focus on getting music content on their console? Who the hell uses any TV device to listen to music?

10 AM being a stupid time for the human race to see an announcement doesn't make it more about gamers. Most people who fit in that category also have jobs, or school, or whatever else. Also, I'm betting a ton of college folks were able to catch this, because classes aren't so rigid on timing. Interestingly enough, that seems to be the demo they were trying to appeal to. Kids into sports and call of duty and shit.

Also, considering most people have their best sound system hooked up to their TV, it's not that uncommon. If I'm at home, it's my prefered way of listening to music if I just want to sit and listen or do some pushups and crunches.

Also, at least with MS, you can access that stuff on your PC or mobile device. It's an ecosystem.

Well this thread backfired on the thread creator didn't it. I don't think the complaints were about the lack of games. It was because there was an utter lack of information beyond "hey this can watch tv" about the actual console.

Not really, I'm actually enjoying responding to you folks and it's not like I feel insulted or somehow worth less because of bunch of people called me stupid for making a dumb rant. It's a fuckin rant about how everyone are a bunch of yuppy jerks who need to smarten up. I didn't expect a polite agreement. lol.

Also, no one other than gamers will give a flying fuck about details. They just put out a fluff piece for the college tools and the main stream, let that stuff filter out over the next couple of weeks, and then they kick off the proper stuff at E3. It's not that complicated to see. Different demographics get different press treatment. Is that really so confusing to people?

@jk3107 said:

I agree with a lot of the stuff you are saying, but you came across like a total cunt while saying it.

That's sort of the point of a rant especially for the purposes of venting frustrating at people being dumb. Get it all out quick, like a bandage, instead of pretending to be Mr. Nice Guy. I'm a cunt, but that's okay by me!At least I'm only a cunt to stupid people for a short period of time instead of spending the next 40 years talking about how shitty the industry is because I'm an insufferable prick who likes to just whine about things instead of just enjoying the good stuff and ignoring the bad. Or as I like to call it "voting with your money and not assisting in word of mouth, which companies depend upon to sell shit. Even when you're talking shit about that shit." So I guess voting with your silence, also. Seriously, people should be bitching about the used game stuff (which doesn't seem to actually be clear for anyone, including MS) because that's something to genuinely be worried and upset about.

@omega said:

I like how you made your point in the first paragraph but continue to ramble on and reiterate the same point over and over until you have a big wall of text.

Also your rant reminded me of this guy for some reason:

Loading Video...

I remind you of an entitled... I'm not even going to entertain that. Enjoy that though. That dude is really hurting my ears. So that means.. you win?

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@mcghee said:

You really shouldn't be telling anyone to "calm the hell down." You sound like a mad fanboy, frothing at the mouth and clutching his Master Chief figurines to his chest.

I'm not defending MS, I'm a PC gamer, and I don't give a damn which console is better. I just can't stand idiots spewing a bunch of nonsense because they are too stupid to know the difference between a device sold primarily for the US market intended to be used for general entertainment.

Don't really care that you think I'm a frothing fanboy. If I get to bitch about people bitching about the stupidest, silliest, most predictable things ever, it's cool for you to say I'm an asshole. Luckily, it was just a rant, and not something I intend to be taken seriously about. Otherwise I would have just made a simple and quiet little post. But I'm fuckin' tired of gamers bitching about every little thing, so I used this as a way to vent

I think what you are missing is that whole thing was about TV, sports, and call of duty. None of those things are relevant to my interests. I watch maybe two hours of TV a week and sports put me right to sleep. I realize this thing wasn't going to be about games, but at the same time, I was completely underwhelmed by everything they showed. That is the problem.

The show didn't have to be about games if everything else was awesome. Everything they showed seemed like something that would be cool once or twice and I would forget about after a month of owning that system. Are those features worth $500+? My answer is no. Not until they show some games that I actually want to play on that thing.

I don't see what is so hard to understand about that.

Relevant to your interest is exactly what we SHOULD be hearing. But just because the reveal on fuckin' Spike TV isn't relevant to the interests of a Giant Bomb user doesn't mean you should shit on the reveal. If anything, you should be stoked that they got the stuff that doesn't interest you out of the way early, because that means they can focus on games at E3. Which they said was what they'd be doing. So why in the name of god were all of these fucking idiots whining about how shitty the reveal was instead of just saying "hey, this stuff isn't for me." It's not supposed to cater to you. It's not "The Blackichigo Box." The presentation wasn't for you. You clearly aren't a part of the audience. Because if you aren't a US based Spike TV bro, this wasn't supposed to entertain, delight, or entice you. Because it's Spike TV. And E3 is days away.

Also, you said "it doesn't have to be games" but then said "but until it is I won't be interested" so you don't seem to know why you're so disappointed. Nothing wrong with saying "nope, this ain't for me, I jsut want to see some games." But don't act like the thing should have been more interesting to you just because. MS has a market, and every press event they have will have a different audience. They will do stuff to convince the call of duty crowd, they will do stuff to convince the GB crowd, they'll even do shit on day time television to convince mothers to by the damn thing for the holidays. This is how advertising works. You focus on an audience, and you go for it. That's how MS managed to be so successful in the market they went for. Hell, they even held their own in many of the markets they didn't go for.

@pr1mus said:

That rant wasn't short. I feel like i've been lied to.

I think the school system where ever you went to school lied to you! That was super short. Just has a lot of empty space. Not to mention all the line breaks, amirite guys? Haha, no but seriously, it was pretty short. Rants tend to go on and on and on. That was like, 50 words. Max, 60.

@theht said:

what the holy fuck are you talking about? who the fuck's talking about the word 'gamer'? i think the lameness of the conference is putting you in shock.

Annnnnnnd of course someone latches on to the completely throw away stuff about people who complain about being called a "gamer" are usually the ones acting in the dumb ass ways that earn the that title. Also, I was frustrated from relistening to a bit of GB content and hearing Patrick whine about the term in really useless ways.

@mikkaq said:

Everything about this thread annoys me. You calm down, before telling everyone else to.

That's the point of the rant! It lets me vent. Now, I'm totally calm! Funny how that works, expressing anger helps relieve anger! It's almost like I'm my own therapist!

It was confirmed already before this event that E3 would be most for the games. Why people, even journalists were shocked is beyond me. I thought it was a great presentation, for what they were going for.

I'm glad some people who claim to care enough about games to be insulted by something as silly as something created for the Spike TV crowd actually care enough to pay attention to what is happening in the industry. Instead of seeing "OMGOSH XBOX NEXT REVEAL!" And then ignoring all the rest.

I would like to see a break down of what % of people use the 360 for what. Like how many for games how much for Videos/Movies and the other stuff.

And ya people are gonna be ticked. THIS IS A VIDEO GAME WEBSITE! Show video games and not bore us with T.V plugs and sports stuff you more or less requote every year.

Um, this is a gaming website, who decided to show a stream of content that was not intended for gaming websites and was even explicitly stated beforehand to NOT FOCUS ON GAMES. So what you're saying is that it's the Staff's fault for showing us something that wasn't going to have games? You do realize what the reveal event was intended for, right? It was on TV. First and foremost. Spike TV was it's intended audience. Not a bunch of people who care just enough to not pay attention to the important details and just want more reasons to be outraged at the man.

Jesus, that's a short rant?

Seriously, are you people in the third grade? Have you ever gone to college, and maybe written a final paper at one? Or did you just shirk that and go play Skyrim all day? I mean really, why is it that half a damn page, half made of line breaks, is "long" today. I'm really curious. Because for me, that's short. But there seems to be some part of the population that thinks anything more than 500 characters is a novel. It's silly.

@mcghee said:

You really shouldn't be telling anyone to "calm the hell down." You sound like a mad fanboy, frothing at the mouth and clutching his Master Chief figurines to his chest.

No, you're a bad person for expecting the reveal of a video game console to have a single thing for people who like video games to be excited about. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!?

Except it's not a video game console anymore. It's an entertainment device. That's what they label it as, and that's what it is. You can watch movies, listen to music, play games, browse the web, chat with people. That's not a video game console. If all it did or was supposed to do was play video games, or again, if this had been an E3, gamer focused event, you'd be totally right. But none of those things are true. This isn't just a game console. In fact, "it's not just a game console" sounds like the exact kind of shitty line that they would use in their marketing efforts. But gamers have decided that it should only play games and that means any time it adds functionality, it's a piece of shit.
News flash, they will be video games and we will play them. Chances are, this is not the generation to revolutionize how games are played. The next innovation is probably going to be VR and that is years away at best.

@posh said:

i'm pretty sure the GB staff were indifferent because none of it concerned them. they weren't really negative. and even the entertainment center stuff isn't groundbreaking, or even that new at all

At times, they were pretty stone faced, yes. But there were a few moments of them being drama queens about it for a decent chunk of time. And also, this isn't directed at them. It's directed at all of the little gaming rats that love to act like complete idiots bitching about how the event did exactly what it was supposed to and that the event they should care about is the other one, the E3 one, the ONE ABOUT VIDEO GAMES. Der.


Mind blowing, isn't it? Just amazing, the sheer amount of pure sense I made just there. I appreciate your appreciation!

@alekss said:

I will never understand how someone with 5000 posts could be so stupid to endanger his/her account. Are you really that annoyed that you are willing to risk losing your acount that you had for years by calling the crew "thick as all fucking hell" and "all you can do is bitch" ?

Really, a number? Not only is it a freaking number, but it's also a number indicating how many stupid, spontaneous things I've communicated with the community. I could care less about being banned. As long as I can watch Vinny be amazing, I'm happy.

It's also accurate, so I'm not too concerned about it. If they feel the need to ban me, cool. If not, also cool.

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@andorski said:

@mordeaniischaos said:

I'm going to have to wait until the E3 stuff to really decide that. I'm excited for both, but the PS4 has shown a whole lot more so it's hard not to pick it. I feel like that's a bit unfair.

That said, the reality is that I'm most excited for the PC! Because fuck yeah PCs.

GTX 770 and 780 possibly getting released as soon as Thursday! The 770 alone should beat out both consoles. The 780 and the already released Titan and 690 will blow out the next generation of consoles.

OH SHIT! I need to start paying more attention. Also, the 680 already edges out the PS4 in everything we've seen so far, so I can't imagine the 770 will have any trouble besting the consoles, let along the 780 and anything above that. Man, I wish I could expect a new Titan to drool over.
But yeah, this console stuff is neat in the "hey lets all be excited together" sense but man, I don't need to wait for the next generation. I'm already playing games with ridiculous amounts of antialiasing and at awesome resolutions and a solid 60 frames.

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I'm going to have to wait until the E3 stuff to really decide that. I'm excited for both, but the PS4 has shown a whole lot more so it's hard not to pick it. I feel like that's a bit unfair.

That said, the reality is that I'm most excited for the PC! Because fuck yeah PCs.

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The problems you are having have absolutely nothing to do with the platform and more to do with the way a few publishers/devs have decided to do dumb things. As long as you don't restart Steam, if you lose connection you should maintain the ability to play your games.

Get better internet, or just always have Steam in Offline mode. If you hate it so much, that's the easy solution.