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@hardcorebunni93: Run your resolution at either 1280x720 or 1280x800, depending on your monitor.

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@Video_Game_King: Rook to King. Checkmate.

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@Ramone: They should save Day Z for when it isn't more broken than usual, which may not be until it becomes a part of ArmA 3, or the guy lets you run a server all on your own without connecting to another server, which seems to be the problem that most of the connection bullshit originates from.

@Nixon34: Don't lie! You even have a Ghostbuster's icon!

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Jeff you sly bastard stop fishing for ideas to steal for yourself!

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@MariachiMacabre: Harry Potter was pretty big for me when I started reading, but looking back at it, it's not very good after the 4th, maybe the 5th book. It ranks fairly low on my list of series at this point, but I still go back to re-read the early ones in particular. I've read them often enough that when I read them, I know exactly the words coming up.

Also, everyone should read Candle, by John Barnes, and The Thief of Always by Clive Barker. Great jumping off point for a whole slew of authors they likely would normally never experience.

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@mbkish: Also, the 40k thing wasn't anything to do with Fish. He just pulled that out of his ass. and it makes sense when MS has things like cert to make sure the patch isn't just breaking things horribly, etc. MS does a lot more than just make people pay for the right to be on the service, they are very involved in the process. That makes things expensive, but it's how they chose to do business, and Fish knew that all along.

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@mbkish: Majority? I never said majority at all. And the scale is a little different when you are talking about a very popular XBLA game. And there are plenty of other things that have to be done than throw it up on dropbox, even just in getting the data to the people who bought the game.

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@mbkish said:

Doesn't seem like they refute it because they still have to pay for it. Microsoft is basically saying "It's not our fault they can't pay for it! We said we would work with them about the price." Microsoft probably said they would cut the cost in half, which is still thousands of dollars for a damn patch.

A patch they have to deliver to a whole hell of a lot of people, as I'm sure that game sold gangbusters, and from what I've heard Microsoft often works closely with developers. Sounds to me like Fish just googled for a number someone said it cost them for a patch and claimed it as his own, without ever working with MS to find out if his folks could get a better deal, which they probably could have.

@Superanos said:

What are Fez's sales numbers? If the game was a big success, they could afford the $40k easily.

I would like to disagree. $40,000 is still a lot of money. That's enough to support a couple of kids as a single parent. For a year. The game also had a long development so costs must have been higher than they otherwise would have been.

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@buft: Again, I don't mind asking for an email, a way to get back. I don't like how slow and how many steps there can be to making a single post. You have to make an account, wait for the email to verify, go through that process, log in, and then often get back to the place wher eyou wanted to post. Instead, why not just ask for an email up front, like many sites do, or let you log in with facebook, like many do?

@ZeForgotten said:

@MordeaniisChaos: Riiight, you're just being a negative Nancy. When I shot them an email about a problem I had with one of the Back to the Future episodes i got a reply 30 minutes later from one of their support guys and we figured out what was wrong. If you don't wanna be helped then there is no helping you at all.

You are delusional if you think you can convince me that email isn't the worst option 90% of the time. I've NEVER managed to get a reply in less than 12 hours from a support email address short of an automated one, so I just don't even bother any more. Using a support forum has always been the best way to go when googling the problem didn't bring up any working solutions. Forums are nice because the user base can also help you, as well as actual support folks, plus when you get helped, that puts out another place for google to pull from when others have the same problem and google it.

Hold on, was that sarcasm you suggesting I was lying about the time it took/takes? Because if so I think I'll just decide to take everything you said as complete silliness. Support takes time, and I don't mind that inherently, but it does bother me that they haven't been smarter about it. I'll give my information, but I don't want an account sitting on servers waiting to be found and sent to a spam list, or a million passwords out there waiting to be found. Nor do I think I should be expected to take all of these steps when it's because the game is broken because of something the developer messed up.

Hell, something like mandating that developers will pull from the platform's support service and go through that instead of their specific support forums would be fine. Connect my Steam account, it sees the games I have, I pick the game, put a ticket in, and the support staff on a particular game can use something to monitor those tickets and help the customer.

I love how this community goes on and on about how someone like EA screws it's customers by not focusing on making things better for them first, but when I say that support systems are kinda crummy at the moment and not as convenient as they could be, I'm a lazy piece of shit.

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@Shivoa said:

You want to take their time to get a technical response to your software query but don't have the 3 minutes it takes to fill in a form giving them your details and then verify the email address you used is actually one you have access to. You clearly don't have the time to read and process their support response and provide any further information they may need to help you so I don't see what the problem is, just shout out your query in 10 seconds randomly while walking down the street and then decide 20 seconds later you don't have time for this if you haven't got an answer which perfectly solves all your issues.

TL; DR: spend a minute and give them your basics details so you can have an interaction that might help you or help them know something needs fixing.

It took half an hour waiting for my email, and in some cases I've had to wait days for the email only to not be helped. There is no function to making an account when I simply want a single thing solved. I'll gladly put my information in. Like I said, I don't mind a name and an email in the same prompt that I use to post my comment. I don't even mind a wait for them to confirm it's a real email account (which is pretty much instant, and doesn't require any work on my side, it's pretty easy to gather that data through an automated system so far as I know). THe problem comes when I'm signing up for 30 different bloody forums, putting passwords that can be hacked and emails that can be given out on the internet in places they don't need to be. When I work, I don't expect the customer to go half way with me, because it's my job to help them and make their experience as enjoyable and useful and positive as possible. There is no real need for signing up for an account for support. Just make sure I use a real email address, and boom, good to go.

@ZeForgotten: Which is the sort of thing one does if they want to wait even longer for any sort of response, and likely get less help on top of that.