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I am also one of the few selected. It still feels unreal. I think the main point of interest for me is seeing how the Steam Controller interacts with various titles against an Xbox 360 pad.

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So sad and too young. Ryan will be missed and I wish his family all the best.

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Got all the costumes! Thanks duder!

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Oh ok, I was confused a bit because it was a separate line item on the Xbox Marketplace, so I figured it would be the same on the in-game store. Thanks!

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Is anyone else having this issue? I bought the season pass but the flashpoint pack does not show up in the in-game downloadable content menu. Season Pass is supposed to come with access to the flashpoint pack.

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Now that I know it's just a timing issue, I'll have to keep playing with it to figure it out. The part that eludes me is attaching the special attack at the end of the combo string. It's funny because I can seemingly pull off the longer and harder combos but the shorter ones elude me.

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Is anyone else having problems activating the special attack combos in the training mode? I'm referring to these in particular (A = light attack X = medium attack): A, A, Back, Forward, X and A, A, X, Down, Forward, A

I've changed my controller layout so maybe that is making a difference? Or is the timing just extremely particular?

I can't seem to do these bounce cancels either...

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Ok, so I picked up the Turtle Beach Micro II and I was incorrect in what it's function was. From my research, I thought it would output a 5.1 signal when you installed the special drivers from their website. In reality, it simply allows a 5.1 connection to pass through with the drivers. The key being I have to have something that actually makes 5.1 sound to pass through the usb dongle.

As said, I'll need to get a sound card. One that does Dolby Digital Live processing.

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@AlexW00d said:

Doesn't your Motherboard have a S/PDIF port or whatever? I have 2 on my PC and I have no use for either.

I don't think it does. I'm gaming on an old Optiplex 745 so I don't think it has the S/PDIF port. I did a search for specs on my pc this morning (not at home right now) and didn't see anything about the proper port. I would imagine though, even if I had the proper port, I'd still have to have the PC output a 5.1 signal through that port. Otherwise I'd still end up with the expanded stereo effect.

Technically, I have the headset hooked up to my PC through my TV (TV has optical out with 5.1 pass through meaning the Xbox and PS3 push the DD signal through to the TV) but since the PC is only pushing a normal stereo signal through a 3.5mm jack, the headset is just doing Pro Logic II on the PC audio.

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I bought a Tritton 720+ headset and am looking to hook it up to my PC to get surround sound. After testing the headset (I'm new to headsets and surround sound) I see that for the headset to output the dolby digital signal, it has to receive one. Otherwise, it uses ProLogic II to make an "expanded stereo" effect. So I need to get my PC to output a dolby digital 5.1 signal.

I found that Turtle Beach makes something called the Micro II that allows a usb port to convert to an optical out and output Dolby Digital 5.1 signal.

My question is, has anyone used the Micro II with success? If not, is there another recommended method that I could follow to have my PC output a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal?