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Don't know what forums you've been on. The community here is about par for the course when it comes to the Internet. The overuse of memes is pretty sickening but besides that I like it here.

Been here since 2008 and I've had nothing but a great experience.

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This is a pretty cool new user guide. It took me awhile to discover all of these goodies when I first joined the site. I feel like it would benefit from the inclusion of links to stuff like the Bombcast page and may be some info about TNT, but otherwise this is fantastic!

I'll drop some extra links in ;)

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If you're not a member of this community, you should change that right now. You're going to connect with some awesome people and have real discussions, not flame-wars and trolling. These people are serious about having fun and making Giant Bomb a friendly place. There are no stupid questions here. From the forums, to blogs, to the community spotlight, live events and more, everyone pitches in to make Giant Bomb the gaming heaven it is. As as you browse Giant Bomb, it'll be clear you should be here. Here are a few of may favorite features you should definitely check out:


I encourage you to sign up and dive right in. Engage, voice your opinion, and make some new friends. Everyone is friendly, willing to help out, and as long as you're not rude, you'll find the best forum experience around. One thing though: Don't forget to search before you make a new post. ;)

Community Spotlight

Wanna know what's going on currently? This topic is usually pinned to the top of the General Discussion forum and gives you the low down on what's going on in the community. Podcasts, gaming nights, game friends lists, best of the blogs, etc. This will help you get a good handle on come great content and activities put out by the site and community.

Quick Looks

What's better than a game review? A "quick look" of raw, uncut game-play! Quick (being a relative term) looks last anywhere between twenty minutes to more than an hour long. You'll get a good look at the game in question, so much so you'll probably never read a traditional review again! Not to mention the fact that they are absolutely hilarious at time. For evidence of this, check out TurboMan's Youtube channel, xpantherx. He puts out compilations of the funniest moments from Giant Bomb quick looks. Seriously, they're freaking hilarious.

Editable Wiki

Giant Bomb is your site. You can edit/add almost anything to Giant Bomb (so long as it isn't stolen/plagiarized and is accurate) and contribute to the wealth of gaming information available here. See a misspelling, missing developer information, or want to add a description about a game feature? You can add that.


Play a game while you read about games. These quests can be found at the list at the top of your profile (example). Some are time-specific so you may not be able to get all of them, but a lot of the quests introduce you to the features of the site and force you to engage the community. You can even see what quests other people have completed as well. This is one of the coolest features I've ever seen a site implement.

Giant Bombcast

If you don't listen to podcasts, this will get you started. Between two and three hours long, some of the best jokes come out of these recorded discussions. Download the newest episode to your player of choice or stream it online. You won't regret your time spent with the crew.

These are just a few reasons why I love this site. There's even a premium subscription you can subscribe to that offers tons of great subscriber-only features and supports the site directly.

Already a Giant Bomb Member?

Pat yourself on the back. You're awesome.

TODO: Add section on TNT and Endurance Runs

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@Chaser324: I might be too far away... here's a good example:

At the end of sequence 6, you're trying to assassinate William Johnson while he's negotiating with the natives. The house their negotiating in front of is two stories tall. I'm standing on top the building with him highlighted in my sights. The assassination button never lights up. I have to jump off the building at him and then press X. I could have sworn in Brotherhood and AC2, you just had to push X to cause Ezio to jump off the building and stab them. I tried from a smaller perch on some other people but it also still requires me to run/jump at them before it'll work.

I tried locking on, which I think helps with the running and jumping part, but just pressing X to assassinate from a roof when in range doesn't seem to be working for me.

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@Chaser324: I really started trying to do it once I got to Boston as Connor, roughly sequence 6. I didn't really try to do it during the first part of the game. As soon as Boston was open, I started trying to do side quests. I just couldn't seem to pull it off.

Another ability I couldn't seem to do until sequence 7 was corner assassination. I don't remember when I started being able to do it, but I know the first few times I tried it I would just hit the person and not assassinate them. Now in sequence 7, I stab'em and pull them around the corner.

Are you also having problems with air assasinations? It used to be you would highlight your target and push X to jump off the roof and assassinate them. In AC3, I have to jump off the roof first, hit X in the air and hope I hit the guy I was aiming for.

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@Chaser324 said:

You could've done ledge assassinations from the beginning, you just didn't notice until that point.

I said in the second paragraph, I'd been trying to get it to work for 7 sequences. I couldn't get it to work until I did that naval mission that had an optional objective of doing 3 ledge assassinations. Now I can do it easily. It's like it didn't exist before that mission.

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Side quests are my jam. Even if they don't mean much in the long run, I feel as though I'm honing my skills for the meat of the game. Anyway, I'm curious if there is a certain point I should stop doing the story to take on side quests. I ask, because it seems as though the game is still walking me through some tutorial stuff, even while I'm at the start of Sequence 7.

Example: My favorite thing to do is perch below a ledge and wait for a roof guard to come near and assassinate him by pulling him off the ledge. I played up to Sequence 7, but I couldn't for the life of me get this ability to work. I wrote it off as something the developers took out of the game, much to my chagrin, and pressed on. I did an early naval mission which required me to scale a cliff side up to a tower. There was a guard waiting at the top. It prompted me to do a ledge assassination. ????? So I couldn't do so before unless I did this optional side mission???

Color me confused.

This got me thinking that maybe I need to press on further in the game before I go gallivanting around completing side quests. Having all my abilities available will make it a much easier task. So far, I've completed all side quests in Boston but a few things would definitely have been easier if I could ledge assassinate before then.

So, are there more abilities I need to unlock? When would be the best time to start side quests be?

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@InitialP: That helps a whole lot. Thanks a lot!

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@Akrid: So pretty much, take off running unless I can use an ability on him. Got it. Knowing that little bit will help. It also means when I get stunned outright, I'm incredibly slow to hit the kill button :/

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@Akrid: So I just need to get faster? Would bum rushing him help if I know he's obviously walking up behind me?

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I haven't played AC multiplayer since Brotherhood but I don't remember having this many problems using the stun move. I popped in AC3 last night and went through the multiplayer tutorial. It took me through a section where an NPC assassin walked up behind me and I hit X (on 360) to stun him. Seems to make sense to me.

I get into a game and I'll know this guy walking up behind me is obviously my pursuer. I've got my cursor on him so he's highlighted and as soon as he is within range (X pops up above his head) I hit X to stun him. Except I just get an animation of me hitting him, getting blocked and dying. I think they call it an honorable death.

I kept trying to get the hang of how to do it for about two hours last night but I never once stunned anyone. It just isn't clicking. I get stunned all the time point blank in the face but I can't stun anyone else.

Is there something I'm not doing? Do I need to lock on to the character in question before attempting a stun? How does this work?