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just FYI, the video is no longer available

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Play the demo and see if you enjoy it.  It's too bad though that the demo won't have a tease of multiplayer because imo that's what made Goldeneye so fun.  Perfect Dark was no exception, and this new version looks and plays a whole lot better.

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If you're saving money, it's a good choice.  You could put that $40 toward another game on your wishlist.

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@MattyFTM said:
" Zoo tycoon immediately jumps to mind. "
Oh nice! I didn't know that was on DS.  :)  She'll probably eat that up.  Thanks!
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My (soon-to-be) wife recently got into playing a few different Facebook games and she asked me today if there are any similar games she could be playing on her DS.  I'm curious if anyone can help me out by recommending any titles that are similar to Petville and ZooWorld. 
Petville gives you a pet to take care of (rabbit, dog, cat, ect.) and this pet lives in a house which you clean to earn money.  You can use the money to buy outfits for the pet and buy items to design your house.  ZooWorld, from what I gather, is like those "<insert-business-here> Tycoon" games.  You have to breed and buy different animals to put in the zoo, change your admission, change the layout of the park, hire employees, ect.   
She's not looking for anything exactly like what I described, just something similar.  From conversation, the outfits and house design elements are what she likes about Petville.  I believe she is just into the management stuff with ZooWorld but I'm sure the cutesy animals have something to do with it also. 
Thanks in advance for any recommendations.  Btw, she already has Animal Crossing.

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I was curious about this as well.  I've got a few items listed for sale on, but I'm leery now.  I did some research on reviews and I've read some success stories and a few horror stories.  One person sent Borderlands to a buyer and it disappeared in the mail.  The seller was charged for the cost of the box and he was down a $50 game.  So... if anyone has any good things to say about Glyde from experience, I'd like to hear them.  Otherwise I might take off the items I have listed.

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@HandsomeDead said:
"I gave you a real answer. I just pointed our you have bad grammar first. Don't act like I gave you a mothefuck. "
I do not disagree that it was a real answer.  It was insulting of you to point out the grammar.  Does it really matter?  No, it doesn't.  You don't have to be a jerk to people.  "You have the worst grammar" is not constructive criticism.
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@HandsomeDead said:
" You have the worst grammar. On topic though, it's not really a regular thing so it'll probably happen in a day or two. "
Please refrain from being a dick head; it is not necessary.  I'm sorry if my grammar has upset you, Mr. Perfect.  Thank you for your insulting answer.
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The last time my achievements updated was February 8th.  I've gotten two achievements in Mass Effect since then but GB hasn't updated yet.  Is it just me or is everyone else's achievements stuck in limbo?

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For the lazy (aprox.):
136 kg = 300 lbs
54 kg = 120 lbs