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Sold out already.

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So far the only news about it has been that a patch is in the works but that's it.  No other info.  Game froze on me last night but luckily it did it a few minutes after a boss fight so I didn't have to refight the boss.  Still annoying though.  I've gotten used to the screen tearing actually.  Doesn't bug me anymore.

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Even though I should feel cheated I just spent $60 on it last week, I don't feel that way.  I'm happy to support the fine developers behind this great game :)

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@c1337us said:
" I also didn't get that Harvester one as it was a pre-order bonus. "
Everyone gets it.  In the options menu select enter code and type this in exactly as shown:
Boom you can haz scythe.
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Review is live.  4 out of 5.

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Looks like it turned out that Jeff really liked it. 4 out of 5 stars.  For those saying it's a rip-off (from Jeff's review):

Despite the way that Darksiders makes you think of some other game at every turn, it doesn't feel like some copycat piece of trash. Instead, all this "borrowing" results in a game that, at times, feels a whole lot like Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. And it's done well enough that folks looking for a Zelda-style adventure won't be disappointed.

and about the story

 The story lurches a bit in spots, especially near the beginning of the game, but as more and more blanks get filled in, Darksiders' narrative gets stronger and stronger, culminating in a conclusion that answers all of the questions asked during the previous 15 hours while also setting things up for what would probably make for a pretty cool sequel. 

 and finally combat

Along the way, you'll experience plenty of combat. Darksiders has a fairly well-developed combat system that'll certainly reward you for just mashing buttons, but you can exchange the game's currency (souls, naturally) for additional attacks and weapons. The extra moves let you execute dash attacks, pop-up attacks that set up lengthy air combos, and so on. It's not entirely unlike God of War or Devil May Cry, if I may cram yet another game name or two into this review. The combat ends up feeling really satisfying as you get better and better at the additional moves, but the defensive end of the fighting, which lets you block, counter, and dash all by using the right bumper in various ways, doesn't feel as responsive as it should, making it tough to act with precision when you're being swarmed by angry demons. 

final quote

While you can explain a lot of things about Darksiders by listing off other games that are directly referenced during the adventure, the game doesn't feel like some simple clone.

This game cannot be judged by a simple look at the beginning of the game.  It needs to be played through it's relatively weak beginning to experience it's strong middle and end.  This is Vigil's first game and if it doesn't get support, we won't see more great games like this come out.  Vote with your wallet.  This is an experience worth your money (unless you hate the Zelda style game that is...)
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That road that Ulthane takes when you're working your way through Anvil's Ford is another location.  There's a spot with a tree that Ulthane passes by.  Make your way over there and he'll appear.  And you do not need the Shadow Mask.  You just didn't walk far enough in @Judoka.  I don't even have the shadow mask AT ALL and I fought the Top Hat Zombie at the Twilight Cathedral.  You have to walk pretty much past the middle of the small cave toward the opposite wall.

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Sucks for you, more fun for me.   and this: @DukeTogo said:

" Pretty lame reason to dislike the game.  Especially since there was never anything saying that you would encounter the other horsemen. "
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@Rhaknar said:
" Can peeps that are playing the game answer a question? I hear normal is too easy and you should play straight into Apocalyptic, but im wondering, is that a HUGE jump in difficulty? Because I usually play my games on normal, im not into the whole "a game has to be rock hard for me to enjoy it" thing. Is it too unforgiving? Cause if so I might still stick to Normal, if theres one thing I hate in games is getting frustrated (I have little time and patience for that to be honest) "
Stick to normal for now.  Some people are crazy good at action games.  I can be sometimes but I'm finding Darksiders to be kinda hard in parts.  Play at least past the first temple, Twilight Cathedral on normal and see how you feel.  Personally I'm sticking to normal and if you don't like getting frustrated in games, I would definitely stay away from apocalyptic until you've got a good handle on how to use the combat effectively.
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@Rhaknar said:
"Hell, look at the comments on the quicklook..."game looks boring and repetitive" over and over. I guess if you showed a quicklook of a Zelda game with Link just killing monsters with his only sword slash he has, it would look boring and repetitive too. Again, I hope Im wrong and it sells well enough for sequels "
Yeah and I'm a little worried about that!  I want to see Vigil make more games.  Darksiders is a quality game and deserves people's time.  There are some people defending the game in the quicklook thread and even saying this quick look wasn't handled well and has a little bit of incorrect information.  Is it too much to ask to play the game for a few hours before recording a quick look?