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@CitizenJP said:
"Also did anyone preorder the game and get the Harvester Scythe? "
Everyone gets the Harvester.  The code is the same for every game. 
And yes, Darksiders freaking rules.
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@Mordukai said:
" @mordecaix7 said:
" My only complaint is how long the dash animation takes to recover.  it's sometimes better to dash again and again to avoid attacks instead of trying a block or parry. "
Some enemies have combos so learn their patterns and dash to the side instead of back. "
Yeah, there's a few of them I've got figured out.  The ones that still press my luck a bit are
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@thecleric said:
"Gabe said what I was thinking, as I don't have a Kotaku account, as I find that website is awful. "
Agreed.  I can't stand Kotaku's website layout.
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Interesting.  Further down the post, Gabe calls out Luke Plunkett on his review:

Luke Plunkett over at Kotaku called Darksiders a "Creative Mess" In his review and laments Joe Madureira's input. This statement alone is enough to make me think that he should probably never write game reviews again. Perhaps he should be relegated to stories about cakes that look like 1up mushrooms or cufflinks shaped like the Triforce.
He doesn't like the designs in Darksiders, which in my book says more about Luke Plunkett than it does about Joe Mad. In reality the designs are fantastic. Joe's work is energetic, iconic and just plain solid. The guy can fucking DRAW for real and Darksiders is overflowing with really inspiring visuals.
If you weren't sure about the game, I highly recommend giving it a go. For my part I've had more fun with Darksiders than Bayonetta. 

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Tycho is speaking very positively about Darksiders:

We brought Darksiders back to the office with Bayonetta at lunch, on the assumption that Bayonetta would occupy the afternoon, and Darksiders has instead demanded every spare moment we've had for the last several days. As Vigil's first game, it's not that expectations were low - it's that there were no expectations. This makes it difficult to place in a functional hierarchy that determines purchase or play priority. I'm not entirely sure why we bought it. Was it the hologram on the cover?  As children of the eighties, holograms act on some primal layer of the consciousness.

It really does have it all, and by all, I mean it's got a flavor from every game you've liked recently. Prince of Persia. God of War. Certainly, some Zelda. But they're stewed in such an ornate cauldron, and then presented with such verve that we're begging to know what's next. The visuals are more than capable from a technology perspective, the occasional huge fight constipates performance, but it's nothing to inspire a rage induced trade-in or kill you when you wouldn't otherwise have died. What becomes clear rather quickly is that the game has a voice, a clear one, which is most perfectly expressed in its visual language. It creates a context of such amplified scale and gravity that they can get away with the most insane bullshit and it's okay. Your sword is called Chaoseater, for God's sake. Ordinarily that would drive me fucking nuts. Here, it's like, what else would you call it? It eats fucking chaos! Give me the controller.

There is considerable repetition for enemy dialogue - they feel compelled to speak, but they can't think of anything new to say, so you hear a lot of the same dark oaths and "quarterly review"-style performance assessments. Even those lines, though, are delivered with a confidence and texture that most games can't be bothered to deliver. They contribute to the overall "sheen" of the game, a freewheeling cosmic gothic epic. It is quite consciously a smorgasbord, and makes no apologies for it.

I'm glad to see Penny Arcade likes the game.  I've been enjoying it myself and I want to see Vigil succeed as this game is great!  A great original IP to kick off the new year that I really hope does well.  I'd like to see what else Vigil can do.
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@Moridin said:
" Maybe they're actually SUPER rare and they're going to send everyone with a code one of the replica Chaoseater's they sent to the press with review copies.    Blind hope aside, I have no idea. Here's hoping it's cool though, since I got one too! Haha. "
If that were the case, I'd crap myself stupid and ebay the hell outta that thing :)  My house is not nearly roomy or manly enough to handle the awesome might of the Chaoseater!
Well i'll ebay if it fetches a pretty penny online :)  I need some computer upgrades and a new tv :)
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My only complaint is how long the dash animation takes to recover.  it's sometimes better to dash again and again to avoid attacks instead of trying a block or parry.

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I think i'll enjoy my time through on regular difficulty and then go back after having familiarized myself with the game to try out apocalyptic. 
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@Scorp said:

" And like 777to7 said, I really wouldn't mind if the person playing the game in the vids took a little time beforehand to become more adept at the controls. "

This is all I really want.  Just familiarize yourself with the game a little bit before the quick look, delve into it a couple of hours and then record the quick look.  
I can't remember who said it earlier, but yeah this game style doesn't lend itself well to a quick look but that doesn't mean the GB team can't at least play for a few hours to get a feel for the controls and what things do before spitting out potentially false information.  I fail to see how the combat isn't really like God of War or Devil May Cry as they say in the quick look.  I've played GoD 1 and DMC 1 and 2; it seems similar enough to me.  Especially the way in which you buy moves for your weapon... and have a gun later on in the game.
I'm not saying they need to play that** far in the game though.  Just far enough to come to an understanding of the basic game mechanics. 
**That = obtaining the gun 
No one is forcing him to watch the videos but should we not question it?  If you want something to be better, you talk about it.  This site's tagline even states:  We're into batarangs, the half tuck, and viewers like you.
Yeah that's probably meant to just be funny but as I've found over the past year+ being on this site, they do care what we think.  So if we don't speak up about being unhappy about a particular feature of the site it won't change and get better.  Yeah, we don't have to be mean about it and insult the GB crew but we should speak up if we're not happy with it and explain why.
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Please stop doing Quick Looks if you haven't played through the game a little bit.  This is more like a first impression.  The Borderlands quick look was awesome because it was informative and gave a good telling of all the features and modes the game offers.  This quick look doesn't have a chance to do that because it was made almost as soon as the game came out of the box.
I know it's important to get content up as quickly as possible for stuff but you'll look like an idiot when the game you're calling as "meh" turns out to be pretty awesome later and vice versa.  I know many of you probably won't agree with me, but I'd like these videos to be the best they can be.  Every other site has "first impression" videos.  Why can't quick looks be different?  The Borderlands quick look was different; this should be too.