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If you go to the actual DarkD3 website, you can see the difference. It's huge. I'm going to try it not... not sure if my system can handle the change :/ need a better video card.

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@Bobby_The_Great said:

In act 2? What class are you playing? Visit the auction house and get yourself some weapons, you should be breezing through until at least the end of Act 2.

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For all of you saying it's easy, considering he said he missed stuff for MP reasons, he is probably underleveled. You try going through act 2 normal as a level 11 or something.

Personally, I haven't been wanting to just "buy teh awesome itemz" because I like having those awesome pieces of loot just drop for me instead of paying for them. I'm rolling a Level 16 Demon Hunter. What I'm doing is I would use Caltrops to slow enemies and then Evasive Fire to backup when they get too close. Act 1 it was pretty easy because the enemies would get caught right at the edge of caltrops, use evasive fire to back up, drop another caltrops and then keep boloing while mixing in impale or bombs. What happens in Act 2 is that the enemies jump directly into me there by activating caltrops while they're on top of me. I do my usual strategy but they get around it by jumping. Then when they do hit me, I feel as if I'm being hit a bit too hard for common mobs which makes me wonder if I'm under leveled or my strategy just doesn't work anymore.

So I figure if I do a little bit of extra time in Act 1, I can get a little tougher and gain some skills that would be better to deal with the mobs in act 2.

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Awesome, thanks for the clarification. I remember from the GB live stream Brad not jumping back because he wasn't sure what would happen either.

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So from the main screen you can select any completed quest and go back to it. I'm currently in Act 2 and getting my butt handed to me. I decided I'd like to rerun myself (playing solo) back through Act 1 to level up and re-see some story stuff I missed because of multiplayer stuff.

When I select a different quest it says I'll lose all progress. What exactly does that mean? What will happen if I chose to go back to The Reign of The Black King in Act 1 from Act 2? Will my level, blacksmith level, loot, etc. reset? Or is it just my current progress through the current quest I'm on in Act 2?

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Battletag: MordecaiX7#1740

Difficulty: Normal and Up

Region: USA

Class: Demon Hunter Or Monk

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@Dagbiker said:

Wins thread. lol

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I just started playing on the PS3 and I really enjoy it. I'm picking up the Fight for The Light DLC because I'm a big Green Lantern fan and really want to make my own Lantern (both Green and Sinestro) :)

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@CosmicQueso: Yeah i knew having no history would be against me so I definitely planned on including MANY detailed photos :) I have a bunch of other things to sell as well, but I'd rather post one at a time so it doesn't look suspicious. Just one part of my Get-Outta-Debt sale. I've got a paypal account hooked up so I'll make sure I only take paypal. Should I request all the money up front or how does that usually work?

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I've never sold anything on ebay before, nor have I bought from there either. As far as video games are concerned, I'm selling:

  • PSP 2000 Silver (unmodded)
  • Lexar 16GB Pro Duo
  • MGS Portable Ops
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • Ys Seven
  • District 9 UMD
  • Dissida Final Fantasy
  • Dissidia FF Guide
  • Kenka Bancho Badass Rumble
  • Loco Roco 2
  • Hard Plastic PSP Carrying Case
  • Gamestop UMD Game Case.

I'm going to sell it as a bundle because I need to be rid of the entire thing, nothing hanging around. Does anyone have any tips for selling these kinds of things on Ebay?

*Days later...*

here's my listing!

*edit* formatting...

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I've been wondering why my Netflix has looked sub-par and hasn't output to 1080p since the Metro update. Now I know why. All video content, except for Zune Marketplace, is limited to 720p. has an in-depth article explaining the whole thing.

The article is very telling how this is a planned move, not something that was done accidentally. This is simply wrong and a slap in the face to their customers.