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SNES.  Although I probably spent more time with the N64 because of Mario 64, Goldeneye, and Ocarina of Time; SNES just had better games in the long run.  Too bad I had to experience Chrono Trigger on a PS1 instead of a SNES.  Didn't get into RPGs until I was older.

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Yeah, I haven't heard anything about being able to do that either.  Quick search on google brought this links up on the first page though:

They seem to all be about this XCM device.  I've never heard of it, so I'd read through these links and read up about it before making any kind of purchase.
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Megalon said:
Better call an lolcat.
lol awesome :)

I understand your plight with flash.  For some reason on my computer at work Flash bugs out sometimes and stops playing youtube videos 2 seconds in; closing my browser usually fixes that though.  Have you tried a different browser?  Internet Explorer, Flock, Google Chrome, Safari?
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Try updating your flash player?  Dunno.  I'm using Firefox 3 with the latest flash player updates.

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I stumbled upon this site called Survive The Outbreak.  It's an interactive "choose your own adventure" style movie about a zombie outbreak ala the first Night of The Living Dead film.  It will play you a clip and then ask for your input.  If your character dies, you can start over or use chapter select to go back to a different chapter and make a new choice.

Seems pretty cool.  Lots of profanity and gore so it's NSFW.  The effects are pretty good and the acting is decent.  From what I can tell it doesn't seem to be any type of viral marketing for something bigger or anything like that.  What do you guys think of it? 

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Mordecai X7  (same as the user name except with a space)

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Demyx said:
"The first and last."
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My local Toys R' Us didn't have it either.  Although he didnt' say when they would be getting the shipment in.  I'm thinking because of the big deal they got going on, with the buy 2 get 1 free, they're purposely delaying Dead Space so you can't do the deal with it.

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By the way, if you do all the contracts for Universal Petroleum, P.L.A.V. and verify blanco, the game gives you the "Get Solano" mission.  If you haven't done the missions for the A.N. and China DON'T DO THE MISSION.  It would seem that it is impossible to win.  The roads you need to take are not available yet so you'll get so far and then you can't go any farther in the mission.  I just wasted 45 minutes trying to do this and figured that out. 

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I would suggest Dead Space but that's because Saint's Row doesn't appeal to me either.  If you're talking length and content, I would imagine Saints Row 2 would give you more for your money.  Experience and immersion wise, it seems like you're going to get a whole lot out of Dead Space.  The scares may gone if you play through a couple of times, but it could be fun to play through with friends.