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Anybody notice this?

  1. Microsoft plots to release a motion control device no one really wants.
  2. Device is revealed and hopes are high this Natal thing will be a real step forward.
  3. Natal renamed to Kinect and all of it's debut titles are 2006 era Wii knock off titles.  The press, blogs, and gamers are far less enthused.
  4. Info about whether or not you can use Kinect sitting down or recognizing your voice starts generating negative press about Kinect more than it already is getting.
  5. Price finally revealed to be $150.  Gamers are even less enthused.
  6. Product demos in stores around the country and on news channels end up doing more damage when first time users can't do basic game actions that are supposed to be easy.  Even more negative press.
There was a trend in seeing Kinect in the public opinion go from "game changing" to "this thing is just a wii"  and "it's just a ps2 eye toy".  Public demos haven't swayed this opinion; it's only made it worse. 
Sensing danger, Microsoft's PR team hatches a brilliant plan.  "Let's raise the price of Xbox Live for everyone to recoup the costs of a device we know we're not going to sell nearly as many as we hoped!" one suit proudly proclaims.  Many high fives and butt slapping ensued followed by much Bud Light Lime and Corona Extra.  
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@Supermarius said:
" @tunaburn said:
" i do not get all the hate for gamestop. I buy all my games from there. I buy used and then if i hate the game i return it and they give me all my money back. The guys that work at the 3 different stores i go to are really nice and theres even a hot chick working at one of them. and yes, shes nice too. "
most gamestops are fine. People on the internet just love to bitch. "
I agree.  I've only had a problem with one gamestop out of 8 in my area.  I had on my christmas list Shenmue 2 for Xbox.  My fiancée is a gamer herself so she knew what she was looking for.  She went into this gamestop and instead of browsing the humongous PS2 $9.99 rack, she decided to ask the guy working if they had a copy.  He proceeded to berate her that they never made that game for Xbox.  He wouldn't even look it up because he was so convinced she was stupid.  I really wanted to make an ass of that guy but she wouldn't tell me what store it happened at because she knew I'd raise a ruckus.  I only found what store it was two months ago, since now it would be useless to do anything about it.  So I've just resolved not to shop at that particular store.
Otherwise, I've had nothing but the nicest people when I visit any other Gamestop.
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I like it but I'm also not most people.

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 Thanks guys I appreciate the answers.  Also, thanks for not berating me about the topic.

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I have a couple of questions if someone would be kind enough to help me out.

  • Are the relationships in Dragon Age something that you have to do in the storyline or is it just for the sex scene and an achievement?  Possible to play through without a relationship?
  • Can you skip the sex scene when it comes on?  Press A or X and skip right through?
Thanks guys.
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Apparently, you have be racing on Lake Powell and you have to hit all the checkpoint buoys plus the finish line buoy and take first place.  I've done this four times now and it will not unlock.  I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.  Do you have to do this in multiplayer?  Is anyone else having this problem?

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Now that the reviews are coming in, Games Radar has confirmed that there is no split screen multiplayer :(

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I'm not sure they realize that bugging our friends constantly with narcissistic gaming updates is annoying...

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Post of picture of your setup from a couple of different angles and I think it would help us figure out the best way to make your setup work.